Mom Who Was Told Baby Died in Womb Gets Unexpected Miracle

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pregnantThe absolute worst news a pregnant woman can ever hear is that something is wrong with her baby, so understandably, mom Shelagh McAlpine was beyond devastated when she started bleeding heavily after suffering a placental abruption during her 28th week of pregnancy, and medics sadly told her that her baby had died in utero.

She was rushed to the hospital knowing all too well that she had lost her precious baby-to-be, which had to have been nothing short of horrific. And then when she arrived at the hospital, doctors still tried for seven minutes to locate the baby's heartbeat in the off chance that there was hope for a miracle. SEVEN minutes. (That's a really long time to search for a heartbeat.)

Shelagh describes that time as "the longest seven minutes of her life," but thankfully, the persistence of the doctors paid off. It turns out her baby girl was still alive; however, they found that she had holes in her heart and lung and also had a potentially fatal blood clot in her arm.

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Even though she was only 28 weeks along, doctors went ahead and performed an emergency C-section to try and save Shelagh's baby's life, and incredibly -- they were successful. Mia Rose was born weighing 2 pounds, 10 ounces, and though she wound up facing 10 blood transfusions, surgery, and a very tough road ahead of her, she proved to be a brave little fighter. And on August 1, she was able to go home from the hospital with her parents and older brother.

If any newborn fits the definition of a miracle baby, it's Mia Rose for sure. I can't even begin to imagine what it must have been like for Shelagh to think she'd lost her child -- only to find out seven minutes later that there was a chance she might survive. She's definitely proof that moms have more inner strength than we realize, and the incredible love we have for our kids is sometimes all we need to pull us through an emotionally unbearable situation.

Do you think you'd handle something like this as well as Shelagh did?


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jessi... jessicasmom1

I had a miscarragie at 10 weeks dead baby  .nothing in this world can compete to this horrific experience .. and I wish it to no one else. I am glad they found her baby ,, 

Latoya Trueheart Swartz

That baby is a fighter. I was born 2 lbs and 3 ounces. God is good and with him all things are possible.

arlis... arliss123

Wow, I always get nervouse when it takes 10 seconds to find Baby's heartbeat. Seven minutes would be an unimaginable eternity.

Maevelyn Maevelyn

I'm crying. I could blame the hormones bc I'm 38 weeks pregnant but I'm honestly so happy for that family it's pathetic. Thank you for posting a story with a happy ending for a change. 

Jenny Buysee Schisler

If she can handle THAT amount of stress...She can handle ANYTHING!

nonmember avatar tonya elam

I've had several miscarriages! Horrible doesnt even describe how i felt! My last pregnancy I couldnt be happy for fear of it happening again. Im very happy she and the baby are doing good! I wish them the best of luck!

Stephanie Arnoldussen

After suffering some heavy bleeding I was told by the ER doctor that I was miscarrying. I was devestated. Went into the OB clinic 2 days later since they were not open over the weekend to find out I was in fact still pregnant, they just had miscalculated how far along I was. I did have a small bleed which eventually corrected itself and now have a healthy 11week old baby girl. Those were the worst 2 days of my life. I couldn't imagine being as far along as she was to hear such horrific news and then to have to deal with medical issues of a premie. She is a very strong woman.

Mercedes Champagne

As a mother I don't know if I would have been able to handle that. She is a very strong woman and that little girl is one fighter. I am very happy to hear that both are doing ok. I have had a couple very close calls with my oldest child one in which she should have been dead. I couldn't even deal with that well so for someone to be told their child is dead to find out that it isn't is GREAT. Mad props to the mother for being so STRONG.

nonmember avatar Kayla

At 30 weeks i had a placental abruption blood every where i drove myself to Mcleod very panicked only 20 yrs old with help from great daughters both mine and my daughters lives were saved two lbs ten oz of pure joy three blood transfusions and seven weeks later on December 23rd they let me bring my baby girl home! count your blessings and be thankful only 25percent of woman and child lives threw what we survived! God Bless & congrats it does nothing but get better!

Nicole Moore

I have been there. I didnt have time to call the dr ahead of time to let them know my water broke early and when i got to the er they couldnt find his heartbeat. I waited and waited and cried for 15 mins they couldnt find the heart beat. When I finally got into maternity they finally found his heartbeat. That was one of the scariest moments in life all 15 minutes.

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