Not All New Moms Lose the Weight Right Away So Get Over It

scaleSomething happens somewhere in the second trimester of pregnancy that you stop feeling like people think you just look fat and you embrace that you are totally pregnant and growing ... everywhere. Even your nose. It's kind of liberating. There is so much pressure for women to look thin and this is the one time in your life it's okay to be fat. Unless of course you're Jessica Simpson who caught so much crap for gaining weight when she was pregnant. Seriously, people. You're going to pick on a woman who is gestating another human being in her body because she likes to wear form fitting dresses instead of a big ole loose moo-moo so she can look like a tent?

Of course once the mama pushes the baby out, society expects her to have pushed out all those extra pounds she gained with the placenta. This notion is perpetuated by glossy magazines who parade nearly naked new celeb moms in perfect airbrush shape on their covers.


This insta-skinny-ness might happen for some, but not for everyone. And by some I mean supermodels and celebrities. Unless of course (again) you are Jessica Simpson.

It seems to be mostly a non-mom thing -- this pressure put upon new moms to be thin -- "momshells" people are calling it. And it's not just men, it's women expecting it from moms. It's as if they say: Why can't you just lose the weight already? Let's only celebrate if you do!

Even Janice Min, who was at the helm of US Weekly for years and years, admits all of the skinny new mom stuff featured all over that mag put far too much pressure on the mamas out there. Now that she's a mom, she told The New York Times that she isn't into all that anymore.

Jessica Alba spoke out against this pressure. Amy Adams defied everyone and kept the pounds on. And anyone who says it took you nine months to gain it, it should take you nine months to get it off should also stop right now. That nine month timeline flies by fast when you have a newborn. And not everyone's body loses weight the same way.

I remember seeing Mariah Carey all leggy and thin in those weight loss commercials, making it seem like it was so easy to drop the pounds gained from a twin pregnancy. But Mariah has a ton of money, most likely personal trainers and child care whenever she wanted it to help her out. The average mom doesn't have that. And no one should ever say that lifting a baby is enough to help you get back in shape. Even those baby incorporated in work-outs stuff seems laughable to me. But I have twins. And was very sleep deprived for a while, so I prefer laughing about it all over letting it get me upset. Because you know what makes it hard to lose weight? Stress. And that's something most new moms have to.

Moms are beautiful. In all shapes and sizes. We should worry more about being healthy than the number on the scale.

What do you think of the pressures new moms face when it comes to gaining weight? Did you face this pressure?


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