Homebirth? Too Confining! Let's Take the Baby Having to the Backyard

honeysuckleModel, actress, natural cosmetic maker Josie Maran is one inspiring mama! She gave birth to baby number two in her backyard. Certainly more primal than a homebirth, right? Makes me want to have another baby just so I could have the little one under my favorite tree in the yard of the house we just moved into.

There are certainly many pros of having a backyard birth over a birth in the house. Cleanup is a big one. If already outside you can take that pool of water and easily let it soak into the earth. Or use it to water the plants -- nutrient rich! Ina May Gaskin would certainly be very proud of Josie. In just four short hours, she gave birth in nature beside her Pennsylvania farmhouse under a honeysuckle bush surrounded by friends and family. Her experience sounds amazing.


Josie had midwives to assist her as she labored in a blow-up kiddie pool. Her husband, Ali, was in the pool with her making sure she knew that she was powerful and capable. He also told her how beautiful he thought she was. Is your heart filling with happy yet? Mine is. Her older daughter, 5 1/2-year-old Rumi Joon, was there giving her kisses, picking flowers, and served cookies to those who were there. Rumi was also born outside during a 14-hour labor under a jasmine vine.

Luckily the weather was perfect. "Being surrounded by birds, plants, and my family was much better than being in a hospital with impatient doctors and lots of beeping monitors," Maran said. "I understand that this birth choice isn’t for everyone, but I believe in trusting my body to do what women have been doing for thousands of years."

Josie is super-nature-Earth-mama! She also reminded us how childbirth isn’t scary. We are made to birth babies -- it is like our very own superpower. Sure sometimes medical intervention is needed, but not as often as it is used.

I also love how Maran said that when little Indi Joon, her second little girl, was born she was caught in the pool by dad and then got the sunshine on her face. Such an amazing way to come into this world -- what a better view than hospital lights. If you love the idea of homebirth but don't actually want to have one in the confines of your four walls, why not take it one step further ... and go outside.

Would you consider having a backyard birth? If so, create the perfect setting.

Image via Ken McMillan/Flickr

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