Snooki's Lavish Baby Shower Shows Baby Lorenzo Is Already Spoiled (VIDEO)


SnookiWe don't have too much longer to go before she officially becomes a mom to her very own little meatball, and judging from the lavish baby shower Snooki just enjoyed to celebrate baby Lorenzo, it's pretty obvious that this little guy will want for nothing!

Snooki described the shower thrown for her by her mom as "amazing," and also added that the event was "everything she ever wanted." And considering how long it took her to open the hundreds of gifts her guests brought for baby Lorenzo, I'd say she probably got everything on her registry list (and then some).

It took close to four hours for Snooki to make her way through the mounds of presents, which included a motorcycle rocker, plenty of clothes to dress up her little dude, and even a teddy bear that's bigger than she is. (Four hours? I'd have been ready to call it quits after two.) And I'd love to know where she and Jionni plan to put all this baby stuff, considering they're shacking up in his parents' basement right now. I'm guessing things might get a little tight.

But even though the shower was sports themed and was centered around little Lorenzo, Snooki's love for all things animal print didn't get left out entirely. In what has to be the most fitting baby shower gift ever given, one of her guests presented her with a zebra-print diaper bag. (Love it!)

Snooki seems so thrilled about becoming a mom, and honestly, she really seems ready and eager to start this new chapter of her life. And even though baby Lorenzo has already been spoiled with all those gifts, Snooki is determined to raise him the right way and make sure he grows up to be a gentleman. She recently said that she hopes her little guy won't cheat the way she did. (Aww!) She's obviously learned a thing or two from her time spent living it up on Jersey Shore, and it sounds like she's more than ready to put that time in her life behind her and dive head first into motherhood.

(But I'm still hoping she'll reconsider giving birth in heels.)

You can hear more about Snooki's baby shower in this video clip.

What words of advice do you have for Snooki as she gets ready to welcome her new baby boy?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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MomLi... MomLily67

Check the labels on the clotthing a separate by size, put away the larger ones, and take out as needed.

nonmember avatar jaclyn farley

Well first off I would like to congratulate both ~snookie & her fiance on the birth of there son ~Lorenzo~ I just want to say take everyday with your son & savor every moment with him because before u know it you will have blinked & baby Lorenzo will be 18.. I say this BC I am 34yrs old & I have 2 beautiful girls almost 17 & 15 years old. I never realized how fast the time goes by but it does I am so sad that my girls are independent & seems as though they don't need me but they wont admit that they will always need me, so remember to take each day with your new son & make as many memories as you can & try to always be there for his 1st like haircuts, walking, cooing, smiling, rolling, ect BC if you miss there 1st you can never get that back, enjoy your new addition BC mine are almost ready for college. ~CONGRATULATIONS~ to the whole entire family....

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