'Expecting a Baby' Facebook Feature Gives Child-Haters Another Thing to Mock

expecting a babyWhen Facebook announced a new option for its Timeline that allows you to sport an official "Expecting a Baby" status on your page yesterday, I'm sure a million eyes rolled. For some reason there's a hefty portion of the population that gets sent into mad fits when someone dares post anything sweet or sentimental about their children or children-to-be. I, however, think it's a welcome addition.

It allows you to post that you're pregnant, the due date, and whether it's a boy or a girl to the list of life events. It will appear in your news feed along with a pacifier graphic, and will pop up on the day your baby is due under "Celebrations" where birthday notifications appear.


It's not a life-changing development, and plenty of people already announce their pregnancies via Facebook. But it's a nice nod to parenthood as an important part of one's life. It's certainly much better than the site banning breastfeeding pictures

For months you've been able to let people know if you're engaged or married with an official status, and it's about time you can let them know about this huge event in your life too similarly IF you choose. That's the key -- IF. No one has to use it, and some definitely will not. That's fine, but no one should be mocked if they choose to do so.

Oh but you know they will be by some supposed "friends" -- probably those who are already using the unbaby.me app.

I'm so tired of people acting like seeing pictures of people's kids and baby bumps or hearing them talk about child-related issues is akin to torture. Guess what? People should be excited about their children. The world would be a much better place if all parents were.

So if you're expecting a baby and you want to share your excitement with the world of Facebook, I say go for it. If anyone doesn't like it, there's always the unfriend feature.

Do you think this new feature is cute or corny?


Image via Facebook

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