Super Mom Gives Birth to 5 Babies in 5 Minutes

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baby handMeeting your new baby for the first time is such an emotional and miraculous moment, so I can't even begin to imagine how it must have felt for Carrie and Gavin Jones when they watched their five newborns arrive in a matter of only five minutes! Yes -- I said five babies. Carrie and Gavin are the proud parents of quintuplets, three baby boys and two baby girls.

And while the newborns are still in the intensive care unit at St. Paul's University Hospital in Texas, they are all in stable condition.

The babies weighed in between 1 pound 12 ounces and 2 pounds 11 ounces, and their parents gave all of them adorable, traditional names. The boys are called Will Edward, David Stephen, and Seth Jared, while the little girls are named Grace Elise and Marcie Jane. (So sweet!)

The quints aren't expected to leave the hospital for quite some time, as each one has his/her own personal medical team who are monitoring them constantly to try and get them to a healthy enough weight to go home with their parents.

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Carrie has deemed her little miracles "five tiny bundles of perfection," and according to the doctor who delivered the quints, she and her husband have remained strong and "held it together" even though bringing five premature babies into the world can be very emotionally draining. And perhaps one of the most astonishing parts of this story is the fact that the quints were not conceived using in vitro, though Carrie was using shots to help her get pregnant. She and Gavin never dreamed that they'd actually wind up with five new little ones all at once, but I guess these babies were just meant to be.

And judging from what Carrie and Gavin do for a living, I'm not surprised that they are finding inner strength while their babies are hospitalized. They are both missionaries who serve in New Guinea, and they even have their 8-year-old son alongside them in their efforts. If anyone has the courage and faith necessary to remain optimistic after having quintuplets, it's two people who have devoted their lives to helping others.

What words of encouragement would you offer this family?


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fleur... fleurdelys3110

Having quintuplets is just not natural. It's so hard on the mother to carry them, the underdeveloped babies who struggle to live in the womb and once they're born, and of course, on the family finances as they grow. Humans were not meant to have this many children at once. I wish this family good health and good luck, because they will need it.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Don't forget about your marriage. And get a nanny!! Imagine the milestones and tough patches with those kids x5. Not going to be easy.

aiden... aidenmomplus4

I wish this family nothing but the best and hope they are able to take there babies home soon.  We experience a similiar situation so I know how hard that can be

nonmember avatar Lisa

I agree totally with fleurdelis. While these things do happen very rarely in nature, this was not a natural pregnancy and the outcomes of such are rarely good. We always hear the hyped-up stories about the high-order multiple pregnancies that end well (if you can call a 1lb 12oz baby "well") but the bad outcomes- when all/most of the babies die, or are left with horrible health problem- are swept under the rug. If you aren't comfortable with selective reduction, you should not consent to any fertility treatment that could result in a HOM pregnancy. The outcomes for the innocent babies are just too unpredictable and more often than not are very bad. To cast this as a happy story is premature. If we come back in 5 years and none of the children are living in constant suffering because of complications, then we can say it's happy. I wish the best for those children but statistically there are no guarantees.

Susan Clifford-Kagels

First, and lightheartedly, I would tell them to get as much sleep as they can before the babies are strong enough to come home; because after that, they can pretty much forget about it!

Second, I wish them strength in marriage, as well as health, to support each other with the road ahead.  They already know God will show His plan as He sees fit, and to me, that is a great asset for anyone.

Last, stay steeped in prayer, as I am sure you do, but also allow anyone who offers help, to do so.

Christina Reyna

I am sorry but a super-mom?? It would have been a "super-mom" thing if she would have given birth to them  vaginally not csec. 


But anyway goodluck to the family 

Jadem... Jademom07

^^^ that.  

Hannah James

Affording this on a missionaries pay? I need to change religions to whatever they are peddling then! Definitely not super mom for this but I DO wish luck and health to those babies. would never condone selective reduction and these babies will all be fine.


ashle... ashley4frogs

What an insensitive comment about not being a super mom because she didnt deliver vaginally! A Cesarean delivery is a major surgery that takes a lot of recovery! She IS a supermom, from conception to carrying to whatever delivery was the best option for her and her babies. 

nonmember avatar Elena

The IGNORANCE of uneducated people!! Really so if you have a C-section ur not a woman! Wow Lolll I agree ASHLEY! Anyhow good luck to them! I have 6 month old identical twins n it's the hardest thing ever!!! They r my 3 and 4! So it a lot of work n no sleep!

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