30 Baby Names Inspired by Olympic Athletes

baby feetCan you believe the 2012 Summer Olympics are already over? We anticipated the excitement of the London games for so long, and now all the gold medals have been distributed and the party's over.

But even though the fun has ended, the inspiration we drew from seeing all of those amazing athletes achieve their dreams isn't something we necessarily have to forget -- especially expectant parents who are trying to pick out the perfect name for their new baby.

What better way to set your baby up for success than by naming him/her after an Olympic athlete?


Here are some great Olympic-inspired baby names taken right from this year's roster. If nothing else, if you use one, you'll have a great story to tell your child on how his/her name was selected.

Ryan (the sexiest swimmer who ever graced the pool)

Lochte (Lochte may be Ryan's last name, but it has a nice ring to it.)

Michael (Michael Phelps is probably the first athlete that pops into anyone's mind when it comes to the London games!)

Phelps (Again, last names work great as first names too!)

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Kerri (volleyball player extraordinaire -- and a mom of two)

Walsh (Walsh is Kerri's last name, but isn't it a cute first name for a boy?)

Misty (Misty May Treanor retired from volleyball after the games last week, but her name can live on.)

May (If you aren't a fan of Misty, May is too cute.)

Candace (female basketball star who can work a court like nobody's business)

Gabby (the 16-year old gymnast who won two gold medals)

Oscar (the double amputee South Africa runner who finished 8th)

Claressa (the 17-year-old middleweight boxing champion)

Manteo (the American sprinter who hurt his leg but still won a silver medal)

Missy (the 17-year-old American swimmer who won 4 gold medals)

Franklin (Missy's last name)

Ashton (the American gold medal decathlete)

Eaton (Ashton's last name)

Usian (the Jamaican relay runner who helped break the Jamaican world record running time)

Jordyn (one of the U.S. "fab five" gymnasts)

Kyla (one of the U.S. "fab five" gymnasts)

Carmelita (the American relay runner who won the gold medal)

Lashinda (the American hurdler who won the silver this year)

McKayla (one of the U.S. "fab five" gymnasts)

Kristin (cycling mom)

Armstrong (Kristin's last name)

Aly (one of the U.S. "fab five" gymnasts)

Cullen (the 100-meter swimming gold medalist -- and this name is also a plus if you're a Twihard)

Serena (one of the twin powerhouses of tennis!)

Venus (Serena's other half!)

Veronica (the Jamaican track & field runner who won a bronze and a silver)

Would you give your baby an Olympic-inspired name?


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