England's Most Popular Baby Names Are Sure to Invade America

british flagWhat, with Queen Elizabeth celebrating her Diamond Jubilee this year, Kate Middleton's ever-growing presence, and the Summer Olympics, quintessential Brit-dom is all the rage right now. And that doesn't preclude baby names. A list of last year's 100 most popular names from across the pond was just released, and not only are they names inspired by some of the UK's biggest stars, they're super adorable and sure to become trendy here in the States in no time.


Last year's most popular names for boys and girls, respectively, were Harry and Amelia, replacing 2010's Oliver and Olivia. The supposed inspiration behind the names are Amelia Lily and Harry Styles, two celebrities to emerge from the British show, X Factor. Personally, I like to think the rise in the name Harry is thanks to Prince Harry.

After Harry the top four names for boys are:





And after Amelia the top four names for girls are:





The names seem to follow the "old-fashioned" name trend, which is also popular here in the States and, if you ask me, quite adorable. These names are, unsurprisingly, much more "British," though. I mean, Alfie? What's it all about? I love the name, but really, that's not very common here America.

However, with all things England on the rise, I won't be surprised if we start seeing more of these quintessential Brit names States-side in the upcoming years. Great Britain is where it's at right now. And with good reason. Did you see that Closing Ceremony?

Do you like any of these names?

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