50 Reasons to Have a Baby


Last week, I wrote a post on 50 reasons not to have a baby. Truth be told, I wrote it for myself just as much as anyone else because I suffer constant baby fever and it's always nice to be reminded of the hard stuff. To even things out, (and prove that I do actually enjoy parts of this gig), I thought it would be nice to list 50 reasons for having a baby. Well, 50 reasons for you to have a baby. I'm done.


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  1. Eating for two.
  2. Maternity jeans.
  3. Baby kicks.
  4. The fun of being able to say "I'm not expecting" when asked how far along you are.
  5. Justified naps.
  6. Not worrying about birth control.
  7. Hearing the heartbeat for the first time.
  8. Parking in "Expectant Mother" parking spaces.
  9. Boobs!
  10. Not having to suck in your gut.
  11. The fact that nobody picks a fight with the pregnant woman.
  12. Having an excuse for flakiness.
  13. Not having a period for nine months.
  14. Having your husband cater to your every whim.
  15. The epidural.
  16. Getting to stay in a hospital for 48 hours. (Of course, this is only appealing if you have other children at home.)
  17. The first shower after delivery.
  18. Announcing the arrival on Facebook.
  19. People bring you meals!
  20. And help you with laundry!
  21. And want to make your life easier!
  22. That first precious Halloween costume.
  23. Introducing them to their new big sister or brother.
  24. Teeny, tiny baby toes.
  25. Maternity leave.
  26. Sweet baby giggles.
  27. Shopping for baby clothes.
  28. Then dressing them up!
  29. Cute baby butts in little baby baths.
  30. Soft newborn hair.
  31. The fact that they don’t talk back ... yet.
  32. Using your post-pregnancy body changes as an excuse to buy a new wardrobe.
  33. Baby fingers.
  34. Catching up on all of the TV you missed over the last 10 years.
  35. That precious first smile.
  36. Having people ask to hold the baby verses having them run away from your kids.
  37. The ability to transfer sleeping child seamlessly.
  38. Sweet smelling baby skin.
  39. Pregnancy horniness.
  40. The cuteness of baby hiccups.
  41. Little booties.
  42. Presents!
  43. Funny baby facial expressions, like when they’re pooping.
  44. Having an excuse to be unshowered.
  45. The ability to turn down invites to family functions for at least three months.
  46. The excitement of their first steps.
  47. Tiny baby ears.
  48. The heart-stopping moment the first time they say “mama”.
  49. Catching sweet moments on camera and showing them off.
  50. You get a baby. Lucky you!

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