6 Creative Ways to Say 'I'm Pregnant!' (PHOTOS)

sonogram pictureThe moment you find out you're pregnant is one of the biggest, most overwhelming ones of your life, but it doesn't always feel real ... until you tell someone. Whether you share the news right away or choose to wait until you're further along, that big reveal is one of those life-changing moments you want to be just perfect.

Some people do it simply with an announcement via telephone or in person, but plenty of people up the ante and get pretty elaborate with their announcements. Here are six creative ways people announce their pregnancies.

How did you announce your pregnancy to your spouse, family, and friends?


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nonmember avatar Cynthia

With my second, I had my son give my husband a little card that on one side said 'now showing.....' with a picture of him and the other side said 'coming soon.....' with a blank picture. With our 3rd, I gave my husband a new diaper bag with a new newborn cloth diaper, a new soother, and the pregnancy test.

Mindy... Mindymama

Funny. I will do it Snooki' s way.

linzemae linzemae

I plan on holding a sign with my hubs saying "caution, bump ahead"

Heather Duso Johnson

My sister just told our mom, her husband and a couple of us siblings outright.  Then at her daughter's 1st birthday party, my niece was taken off to wash off the cake and came out to open her gifts wearing a "big sister" shirt.  I took a few people a minute or two to get it!  

Betwe... BetweenCourses

Don't ever give someone the positive pregnancy test. Not ever. It's a thing with your PEE on it. Sounds cute, but really? Ewwweeeeeewwwww!

Sheila79 Sheila79

With my first it was all over school (i was a junior in h.s) I only told my b.f, two of his friends, two guidance counselors, and my mother...i guess it traveled...with my second my b.f was there when I took the test, I told my general manager and everyone at work found out from there, my mom and were estranged by then so she found out when I came back for my mail and she saw my newborn in a stroller....

nonmember avatar MissInsatiable

Every year I have a big birthday party however this year I sent out my babyshower invites which no one was expecting, at least 70% found out visas the invites! This is my 3rd and since I'm still rather small, ppl still can't tell. I elected to maintain a don't ask don't tell pregnancy and its been AWESOME! I've had far less stress and less advice and less questions...this has worked for me and I only have 11weeks to go!

nonmember avatar Lisa

With my oldest my husband and I told our moms together by gettting them dolls and a little poem attached to it. We had them read the poem first and the last word was grandchild. They both flipped out (in a good way). It is a memory I'll never forget. :)

nonmember avatar Michelle

My mom and sister's birthday are days apart so when the whole family was together, opening cards for their birthdays, they each opened an aunt/grandma card. At first, my mom thought it was just a mistake, and was meant for my grandma. My sister got it right away and screamed. Mom soon "got it." No one else at the table knew what was happening so it was really funny to watch the two screaming and everyone else staring at them!! It was so memorable. Perfect moment for the 1st grandchild in the family!!

nonmember avatar teri

My ex kept telling his family that he would tell them when their Sears package was in. So when I told him his Sears package arrived it went completely over his head. When he got it, he called and told his family their Sears package was in.

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