6 Creative Ways to Say 'I'm Pregnant!' (PHOTOS)

Julie Ryan Evans | Aug 7, 2012 Pregnancy

sonogram pictureThe moment you find out you're pregnant is one of the biggest, most overwhelming ones of your life, but it doesn't always feel real ... until you tell someone. Whether you share the news right away or choose to wait until you're further along, that big reveal is one of those life-changing moments you want to be just perfect.

Some people do it simply with an announcement via telephone or in person, but plenty of people up the ante and get pretty elaborate with their announcements. Here are six creative ways people announce their pregnancies.

How did you announce your pregnancy to your spouse, family, and friends?


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  • Say It With Food


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    Present friends and family with a jar of Prego spaghetti sauce. Perhaps give them some peas in a pod, or maybe put a bun in the oven and ask them to go check what's cooking. There's lots of fun to be had using food to deliver the news.

  • Wear the News


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    Some people choose to have other children enter a gathering wearing a shirt announcing they're going to be a big brother or sister, while others like to do it themselves. Either way the words are bound to be a pretty good discussion starter.

  • Sweeten the News


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    Take a page from Snooki's book and serve up the announcement as a dessert. When telling her Jersey Shore roommates the big news she put it on a cake that read, "By the way I'm pregnant." Just because she didn't get the reaction she was looking for doesn't mean you won't.

  • Leave Subtle Clues


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    Hang a "Baby on Board" sign in your car window. Put a package of diapers somewhere they're sure to look. Or put some baby clothes in the laundry you know they'll be folding. Something to give them a real pregnant pause -- literally.

  • Riddle Them This


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    I knew a couple who sent out a creative riddle to their families that went something like, "When does 2 + 1= 5?" After much guessing they revealed the answer: When we have another child (they had two already) and make a family of five. There are plenty of other cute and creative ways you could do something similar.

  • Wrap It Up


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    Whether it's the sonogram picture, the positive pregnancy test, or some other witty way, seeing someone's eyes open a present and get news of such a gift is unforgettable. Just look at what happened when this family did in this awesome pregnancy announcement video.

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