3D Replica of Your Fetus Takes Pregnancy Joy to a Creepy New Level

3D fetusWanting to have certain keepsakes to commemorate your pregnancy is normal and totally understandable -- but would you actually consider purchasing a miniature 3D replica of your fetus? Yes, a replica, as in a tiny little statue that sits encased in resin and rests in a jewelry box -- and looks exactly like your baby-to-be.

The new Japanese token of pregnancy affection is called "Shape of an Angel," and in order to get one, an MRI is taken of your baby and the replica gets printed out from a 3D printer -- and voila! You've got yourself a fetus statue, to the tune of $1,230.


Do you believe that? $1,230!?! Who would shell out over a thousand dollars for something that looks like it came out of a gumball machine?

Please tell me I'm not the only one who finds this thing to be a little bit on the creepy side, not to mention over-the-top weird. Don't get me wrong, the 3D ultrasound technology that is around now is amazing, and I did purchase some of the images from one of our sessions when my husband and I were expecting our son.

However, there's a big difference between a photo sitting in a frame on my bedroom dresser and a figurine modeled after my unborn baby sitting in a jewelry box! The whole idea just seems so strange to me, but something tells me there are actually moms who will eat this sort of thing up. 

But honestly, if you really want some sort of memento to remember your baby when he/she was a newborn, those hand and feet casting kits work serve the purpose just as well -- and they cost a whole hell of a lot less too.

Be honest, would you buy one of these things?


Image via Fasotec

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