Having a Home Birth Is Like One Big Party! (VIDEO)

Birth Stories CafeMom StudiosThe idea of having a home birth can be a little bit scary, but in the latest episode of Birth Stories on CafeMom Studios, a mom named Darci shared her story about having two babies at home -- and how it felt more like a party to her than an ordeal.

Darci was dead set on having a home birth because she always associated hospitals with people who are sick and/or dying, and she didn't want those feelings to ruin her experience while she brought her first baby into the world.


Watch this video to hear Darci share her home birth journey. Her positivity about the experience is pretty contagious.

I have to admit, when I first heard her compare getting ready for her birth to having a party, I wanted to roll my eyes a little bit and say, "Yeah, right." But after hearing her describe how her house felt full of life at that moment, I honestly couldn't think of a more appropriate way to describe the anticipation of meeting your child for the first time.

I love how she went right into labor and delivery with such a calm demeanor instead of being fearful and stressed out. And I can't help but wonder if her positive attitude is what made her experience so flawless -- and allowed her to have another successful home birth with her second child. Maybe our emotions and inner strengths really are more powerful than we ever thought.

Have you considered having a home birth?

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Image via CafeMomStudios/YouTube

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