Camila Alves' Sexy, Skin-Tight Maternity Clothes Are Inspiring (VIDEO)

Camila AlvesNow that she's pregnant with her third baby with hubby Matthew McConaughey, Camila Alves is putting a maternity style secret she learned while pregnant with the first two to good use. Instead of wearing baggy tops, flowy dresses, or (God forbid) a dreaded mu-mu, Camila prefers tight fitting frocks that hug every single curve of her growing body.

She told US Weekly, "I look better if I have tight, fitted things. Anytime I put on anything that is really flowing, it makes me look twice as big than I am."


And you know what? She's absolutely right. Nothing makes a pregnant woman look 10 times the size she actually is than clothes that are way too big and loose.

When I was expecting my son, I quickly noticed that I not only looked much better when I was wearing tight fitting shirts -- but I also felt more confident about just how much my body had changed since getting pregnant. And I think it's because wearing tight clothes makes it impossible for people to think that you're anything other than pregnant. Sometimes the overly baggy stuff can send the wrong message and have people thinking you are just overweight instead of pregnant. (Nobody wants that.)

And aside from the whole misconception about whether or not you're expecting a baby, tighter clothes can even make pregnant women feel sexier, which Camila Alves agrees with as well. She had a great message for other pregnant women out there to follow -- "Do not be afraid to be sexy while you're pregnant."

She definitely has a point. Even if you're not feeling your sexiest, you might as well try, right?

Check out more of Camila's sexy maternity style in this video clip.

Do you prefer tight or loose maternity clothes and why?


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