A Cure for Morning Sickness Your Husband Will Love

spermBaby daddies of the world rejoice. What I always thought was just a myth perpetuated by men may actually be true. Science says the best cure when it comes to treating and preventing morning sickness during a woman's pregnancy is ... semen.

According to Gordon Gallup, a SUNY-Albany psychologist, the best way to cure and prevent morning sickness is to ingest some semen -- either orally or vaginally. Yes, he IS a man, but the research behind it seems pretty solid.

There's a catch though -- it can't be just ANY semen. It has to be the semen of the biological father of your baby in order to work. In fact, if you ingest semen of a man who is NOT the baby's biological father, your morning sickness could actually become more severe. Hear that cheating pregnant women?

According to Salon, Gallup found that the "more exposure a woman has to her partner’s semen—that is to say, the more often she’s inseminated prior to conception and during the early stages of the pregnancy—the more tolerance her body develops to his genetic material. This tolerance generalizes to a tolerance for the fetus and leads to successful maternal immunosuppression—and subsequently allows her to feel less like an infected zombie with serious stomach troubles."

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In other words: The more sperm from the baby's daddy before and during the pregnancy, the better you should feel. That means risk factors for morning sickness include: condom use, infrequent insemination, and not being in a committed relationship. Interesting ... and it's totally making me question my friends who had severe morning sickness.

Of course, it's still just a theory, but there seems to be enough science to support at least giving it a try. So depending on your ... uh, tastes, this may or may not be good news. For some, knowing that relief and prevention maybe so easily accessible could be a godsend. For others the very thought of it may make them gag. For men, it's pretty much just a win-win situation.

Have you ever/would you use semen as an antidote to morning sickness?


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SoJaided SoJaided

LOL Men of the world...REJOICE! HAHA

DritaF DritaF

No thanks. I'd rather deal with the morning sickness.

Akash... AkashaGermaine

Yeah, no. I was a nympho when pregnant with my oldest but had the worst morning sickness. It lasted for six months and we were having sex (oral and intercourse) daily. Nice try though doc.

stork... storkneedsgps

Haha, sounds like a Guy who wasn't getting enough.lol

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

I couldnt even handle toothpaste in my mouth during the first 4 months of my pregnancy.....much less jizz! This is ridiculous O.o

regen... regenbogenpilz

It has to do with protein .  Wake up and eat some peanut butter.  I am sure the poor women they tested this on used only their partners seman.  

FionanRick Manson-Darby

lmao i was luking up morning sickness for men so wud this work for men to do they have to swallow there own cum pmsl

nonmember avatar zizzler

"Hear that cheating pregnant women?" Not all women who are pregnant with a child that is not biological to their partner are cheaters. Some used donor sperm (so their husband's sperm is no good, even though he IS the intended father). Or perhaps she got pregnant with one guy and he ditched her, and another guy came along and is willing to accept the pregnancy. Or she was raped.

Maxim... MaximumAsh

Zizzler - clearly you cant take a joke

nonmember avatar Anon

That's one of the grossest things I've ever heard in my life.

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