'Pregorexia': Disturbing Stay-Skinny-During-Pregnancy Trend Is on the Rise

Victoria BeckhamA new article in the Canadian press is crediting celebrity moms with causing a sad and unhealthy phenomenon among "regular" pregnant women known as "pregorexia."

The article basically says that when women who are expecting see photos of celebrities who haven't put on much weight during their pregnancies and still look all perfect and beautiful, it makes them feel bad about their own changing bodies. As a result, some women wind up developing eating disorders not only during their pregnancies, but right after giving birth as well.

And even though the idea that some women are so negatively affected by images of super-fit new celebrity moms that they wind up having eating disorders seems kind of far-fetched, I can absolutely see how something like that could happen.

I was pregnant with my son right around the time that celebrities like Katie Holmes and Britney Spears were pregnant with their babies too. And even though both of them looked pretty comparable to how most pregnant women do in their final trimester, I still couldn't help but compare the size of my rear end with theirs, especially in the months right after I had my son. I had a tough time shedding all of my baby weight -- took me a good nine months. And I can still remember seeing both of them step out looking slim and trim a couple months postpartum, and it made me feel pretty bad about my own appearance.

Lately there seem to be more and more celebrities popping up who don't gain much weight at all during their pregnancies, and I can't even imagine how seeing their images must make women who can't see their feet and don't even recognize themselves in the mirror feel about the way they look. The Canadian article mentions women like Tori Spelling (who has pranced around with a bikini baby bump more than once), and Victoria Beckham (who didn't even look pregnant right before she gave birth to baby Harper).

For a pregnant woman who is really having a hard time coming to terms with trying to stay in shape and get her pre-baby body back quickly, I can absolutely see where an eating disorder could possibly come into play. And that's why women who are expecting need to be reminded that what they see in the media isn't reality, and everyone gains different amounts of weight during pregnancy. And on top of that, they need to be reminded just how beautiful they look exactly the way they are, regardless of how fast they are able to pack up their maternity clothes and bust out their pre-baby wardrobe.

Have you noticed your self esteem dropping when you see photos of pregnant celebrities?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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nonmember avatar kaerae

If grown women choose to worship at the altar of celebrity rather that doing what's best for their own children, they have no one to blame but themselves. Society doesn't give anyone anorexia, least of all adults, mothers, no less. Get thee to therapy and deal with YOUR OWN issues...preferably BEFORE you attempt to be someone's mother. Personal Responsibilty.

MeowLove MeowLove

honestly i dont follow stars lives much, so i didnt get affected by how stars looked to me. but there are celebrities like jessica simpson who gained the weight they needed and dropped it carefully, as any woman should do. it isnt about your self image during pregnancy! we are women! we make life!! i think we are at our peak of beauty when we are pregnant :) every woman, no one frowns at a preggo lady whether shes short, tall, skinny, or heavy! we smile because we make life in our bodies. your not getting fat, your making a baby. And afterwards your shrinking, you shouldnt let your self image after birth affect you, you already have your hands full with a newborn!

Anna Potts

no if you choose to look bad its your own dam fault get over put down the fork and work out!

puasa... puasaurusrex

Some of us stay still naturally during pregnancy or don't use it as an excuse to eat a gallon of ice cream.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

Women SHOULD stay healthy and active during pregnancy. Being pregnant isn't an excuse to eat whatever you want, whenever you want. You should still watch your weight during the pregnancy -- gain what your doctor tells you and nothing more, since being too overweight before and after the pregnancy is not healthy for either you or your baby!

Tracey Plummer

I have never been super skinny, but when I was pregnant, I did not gain much weight. In total, I gained less than 20 pounds, and when I was nine months pregnant my doctor kept telling me I looked more like five or six months pregnant. My daughter was healthy and a normal birth weight. I gave in to cravings, but I still tried to eat healthy. I know of plenty other women who just didn't gain that much during their pregnancies, yet according to you, we were all doing something wrong? Or could it just maybe be that every woman's body is different and you should stay out of it.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I don't think most of those women are actively trying to be skinny. Posh maybe, the woman never eats anyway, but many of those women are naturally slight to start with. Yes, they work out to be in better shape but someone with a large frame who is prone to being on the heavier side will not get down to an incredibly skinny body, regardless of what they do. You are talking about women who naturally slim, live a healthy lifestyle before pregnancy and therefore continue it during pregnancy, and therefore stay relatively slim during pregnancy. There are plenty of celebrities who gain crazy amounts of weight while pregnant too like Jenny McCarthy, Jessica Simpson, and Catherine Zeta-Jones. It's just like real life. Some women gain a little, some gain a lot, some have tiny bumps, and some look like they're preparing to birth a baby hippo. I am firmly in the baby hippo category even with reasonable weight gain personally, weight gain quite often isn't particularly related to size. I gained 32lbs with my son and I went from a size 10 to a 52" waist measurement but one of my friends gained 29lbs and was rarely showing despite being very slim, no idea where she kept the baby.

nonmember avatar guest

@parentalrights: LOL! NO ONE who is "doing everything right" gains 100 pounds during pregnancy. And so what if we didn't get stretch marks and you did. You're a GROWN WOMAN, suck it up, or you're too immature to even have kids!

Torra... TorranceMom

Any woman who is engaging in risky behavior, compromising the health of her pre-born child obviously isn't ready to be a good mother. Motherhood is putting your child ahead of yourself.

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