13 Hottest Baby Names of 2012

Hey there, fans of Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, and Twilight. I bet you're thinking you're being soooooo original picking a baby name that's related to your favorite movie or TV show. You're like, "Ain't NO other kid in my baby's kindgergarten class going to be named THIS!" Well, I hate to break it to you, but names picked from those pop culture juggernauts were some of the hottest baby names of 2012.

Nameberry, the baby naming site, has compiled the most viewed baby names of this year thus far, and while most of them are strange, they are also strangely familiar, as in, yeah, I heard that name in The Hunger Games!

Here are the 13 hottest baby names of 2012.



These names were looked at 1,500 percent more than last year, mostly due to Senna, a Twilight vampire, and Cinna was Katniss's hairstylist in The Hunger Games.


Niall Horan is a member of the band One Direction. He pronounces it like Nile.


This name is a character in Game of Thrones.


Names from Ancient Rome are making a huge comeback thanks to The Hunger Games. This was also Russell Crowe's character's middle name in Gladiator.


This is a half-witch, half-werewolf character in the Lunarmorte series of novels by Samantha Young. It also sounds like a spice. Just sayin'.


This is F. Scott Fitzgerald's eponymous character in his literary masterpiece The Great Gatsby. The name's popularity probably popped due to the new Leonardo DiCaprio film version.


Well, we have a pretty good idea why this name is suddenly popular and it's got nothing to do with JetBlue. It's all about Blue Ivy, of course, Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby daughter.


This name has popped due to Lady Sybil Crawley from the BBC's Downton Abbey series. Let's hope it has nothing to do with the Sally Field movie of the same name.


This is supposed to be a male version of Calista or Callie, combined with Alex. Hey, why not?


Oh, this poor child.


But not as poor as this child.


Atmospheric names like Aurora and Skylar have always been popular, and this is one gaining popularity now.


This is a character from the George R.R. Martin fantasy series.

Names I was surprised not to see: Maxwell, Katniss, Renesmee, Christian, Anastasia.

Do you like any of these names?


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