Snooki's Baby Name Is a Touching Nod to Her Adoptive Parents

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SnookiSay what you want about Snooki, but pregnant Snooki has been by far the best Snooki we have seen yet. And her new baby name, officially leaked yesterday by her Jersey Shore co-stars to USA Today, is yet another strong move for the mama-to-be.

The self-proclaimed "guidette" was reportedly deciding between two names. The first was Jionni Junior and the second was Lorenzo.

One is kind of cheesy and one is a beautiful, classically Italian name that goes along perfectly with her family's roots. Guess which one she chose?! 

Her baby is going to be Lorenzo. How SWEET is that?? It's also a much better name than Jionni Junior, which is kind of a mouthful.

Seriously, for all the flak Snooki gets, she sure does seem to have her head on straight when it comes to becoming a mom. The name isn't an ugly or funky name. It's a perfect name that reflects both her and Jionni's Italian background without being over the top tacky.

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I love it. Kudos to her. Plus it has the equally adorably nickname Enzo if she chooses to go that route.

There are other lovely Italian names as well. She could have chosen Antonio or Alberto or Angelo or Aldo. But Lorenzo is the best of the bunch and is the perfect name for the first Jersey Shore baby.

Snooki's roots may be Chilean -- she was adopted at 6 months -- but the name reflects her adoptive family's background, which is kind of the whole point of naming a baby. To me, the idea is always to give a baby a name that reflects his or her heritage and past. My daughter is named for my mother and it's a Hebrew name, and my son is named for my grandfather.

What is the point of naming a kid something that means nothing? A baby is, after all, the fruit of so much familial love and attention. A baby deserves a family name.

I love that Snooki is giving her child a name that is so reflective of her and her partner's background without going into "junior" territory. It's a perfect, perfect name for the next generation of little Polizzi/LaValles.

Do you like Snooki's baby name?


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Jeani Bishop


SoJaided SoJaided

I'm due in January and if it turns out to be a boy were going with Carmine for the first name and if it's a girl her middle name will be Concetta, both to reflect my Italian roots

Mindy... Mindymama

You can name your child according to the future.

Lisa Vega

I think Lorenzo is a great name!!!!

Kathryn Jackson

She has her head on straight when it comes to becoming a mom?  LOL...that's funny.  I just saw a picture of her the other day bushing a baby stroller with a twelve pack of beer in it.  Yep, she sure has her priorities straight, alright.  

I feel sorry for that kid.

Lisa Reed

If you look closely at that supposed picture of her pushing a case of beer...the top was open and 2-liters of soda (POP) were inside. She probably went shopping at Sam's or Costco and they used a beer box to hold the 2-liters...rather than try to manuever a stroller (with flat tires) and full of 2-liters of soda, down a busy street. Look up the picture again and you will also see. There was no actual beer in that picture, just an empty box being reused to hold something else.

tuffy... tuffymama

I love the name Lorenzo! I may be biased, though; I'm married to a gorgeous Roman specimen, myself.

3Boyz... 3Boyz2Luv

I've loved the name Lorenzo since I saw the movie Lorenzo's Oil in high school. Great choice.

Jamys... Jamysmommy

I love snooki and her choice in names, and I happen to think she will be just fine as a mother

nonmember avatar Kate

This article was a tad judgmental, no? The ridiculous and crazy names are a bit tired at this point but naming your son/daughter a non-roots, non-family, non-meaning name is just as nice as one with meaning. It's a name it doesn't have to have roots that is what last names are for.

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