Sienna Miller Welcomes Baby With Most Mysterious Name

Sienna Miller Word has it that the queen of cool, Sienna Miller, has given birth. A source confirmed to Us Weekly that she and her fiance Tom Sturridge welcome their first child this weekend in London.

Hers has been an amazing pregnancy to watch from whatever glimpses we've gotten, and it's with much excitement that we've awaited news of her baby. Only the uber private Miller isn't one to share a whole lot. Here's what we know about her new little baby so far ...


Almost nothing, besides that the fact that it has been born -- yes, "it," because we don't even know if it's a boy or a girl. There's no report as to how much he or she weighed, and of course, as for the most important news -- the baby name --there's nary a hint.

The suspense is excruciating, and who knows how long she could make us wait. In April, she told British Vogue:

Even though I'm under strict instructions not to say anything as it would completely defeat the point of everything I've tried to achieve in the last eight years, I'm feeling fine...It's all progressing nicely and it's very exciting.

And that's pretty much all she gave up. So we could be waiting for a long time. It's her prerogative to keep mum I suppose, but I'm hoping the joy of meeting her new little baby will lead to some unexpected burst of public pride. Maybe she'll be so overwhelmed with love that her coolness will be cast aside and she'll want to share all the details with the world ... or at least the name. I've seen it happen before where parents-to-be swear they won't be "those" parents, then end up plastering photos on Facebook of every little burp, hiccup, and smile.

Or perhaps she'll cocoon in with her new little family, and want to keep them as private as possible for as long as she can. Maybe she'll keep us hanging for days, weeks, even months.

Unfortunately, the latter seems to be more her M.O., but in any case, congratulations to them on their new little boy or girl ...  whatever his or her name may be.

Do you think Sienna had a boy or girl? Any name guesses?


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