Military Dad Watches His Sweet Son's Birth From Overseas (VIDEO)

dad watches son's birth via skype

Being far away from the ones you love the most is so difficult for the brave men & women of our military, but one dad from Minnesota was determined to be present for the birth of his baby, even though he is currently stationed overseas in the Middle East with the Navy.

Thanks to the power of modern technology, Ted Freese was able to watch the birth of his son on July 4th via Skype -- and he even coached his wife, Lizzy, through her entire labor and delivery. (How cool is that?!)


Ted typically works 15-hour days, but when his supervisor heard that Lizzy was going into labor, he insisted that he take a break so he could witness his brand new son, Carson Leon Leese, making his official entrance into the world.

A computer was placed right next to Lizzy's bed so that this proud dad wouldn't miss a beat. And even though it must have been difficult for the couple to be apart during this important moment in their lives, it's still pretty awesome that they found a way to make sure Ted could be "present" for the entire birth. I'm sure hearing his voice and being able to see his face was such a comfort for Lizzy, and certainly made labor & delivery a lot more bearable!

Take a look at this video to hear more about how Ted was able to witness his son's birth via Skype.

Have you thought about letting faraway family members watch your baby's birth via Skype?


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