New 'Wonder Clock' Shows How Fertile You Really Are -- Day After Day

The Wonder ClockTick, tick, tick. That's the sound of the proverbial biological clock that supposedly lets women know that if they want to have babies, it's probably time to get started. Some women hear it loud and clear, while others never do, and some just try to drown it out. A new app, however, brings it to life, and makes it pretty difficult to ignore.

The Wonder Clock counts down to the exact second how much time a woman has left to procreate. It's all there -- the days, hours, minutes, and seconds, just ticking away until your fertility is gone. Talk about pressure!


The app is the brainchild of Portland developer, Mira Kaddoura, who was inspired after a doctor's visit in her early 30s in which the doctor told her that if she wanted to have kids, she should start thinking about it. She told the Atlantic Wire:

We were raised like we can do it all. I was raised very much equal to my brothers; I never thought there was anything differentiating me. [That doctor visit] was the first time anything came up that made me realize, you can't have everything. If you want to have kids one day, you might have to change a few things, or consider it seriously.

She says it's not a medical diagnostic tool, but rather something to foster conversation about fertility. She states on the site:

I created this clock to face my own fears. To beckon the elephant in the room so to speak. To release my own power, my own choices. To open a dialogue with other women about fertility, empowerment, and loving ourselves. We are women, and we are ticking. But we are so much more.

This certainly does beckon the elephant, and so boldly. But as shocking as it is to see the time ticking away like that, it's the reality. I think so many of us grow up for so long trying NOT to get pregnant, we don't realize how difficult it can be for some, especially as time marches on. We always assume we're just one romp away from motherhood, when the truth is that it can be a long and hard road for many women. 

We see so many older women having babies these days, and it seems to be the norm, but the fact is we don't see the struggles that went on that helped them get their babies. We don't see the women who have desperately struggled to get pregnant for years and will never have biological children of their own because time did run out. Knowing this and planning is only smart.

So while the calendar seems a bit brash and definitely comes with its flaws (age is far from the only factor that affects fertility, for one) -- and it's definitely not something anyone should whip out on a first date (if she wants a second) --  I do think the idea of bringing awareness to our fledgling fertility over the years is an important one. Because the sad fact is, it's happening whether we want to watch the countdown or not.

What do you think of The Wonder Clock?

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