'Stillborn' Baby Performs Miracle for Mom in the Delivery Room

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baby handCan you think of anything worse as an expectant mother than being told that your baby has died inside your womb and will be stillborn upon delivery? Hearing those words is nothing short of horrific and devastating for a pregnant woman, as Alex Jones knows all too well.

When she was six months pregnant, Alex was told that her unborn baby boy did not have a heartbeat -- and she was advised to go ahead and make funeral arrangements so that he could be buried immediately after delivery. (Horrible!)

She was forced to give birth to her baby boy (which she did naturally) even though she knew he was going to be stillborn. And then right after his delivery -- something unimaginable happened.

Alex, her own mother, and her midwife all got the biggest shock of their lives when the tiny baby boy started wriggling his toes, and let out a groan indicating that he was breathing -- and very much alive.

And while the baby, named Cohan, was in intensive care at the hospital for five months where he faced numerous obstacles, he did indeed, survive -- and he just celebrated his 1st birthday. He's happy, healthy, and thriving, and he's an incredible miracle to his family and all of the doctors and nurses who witnessed his amazing recovery.

It must have been so surreal for Alex to go from thinking she was going to give birth to her son and then bury him right afterwards to seeing him move and hearing him make noise -- and realizing that the doctors were somehow wrong about his condition. She now believes that his minuscule size is the reason why they were unable to hear his heartbeat, even though he did, indeed, have one.

Stories like hers prove that you can never give up hope for seeing a miracle happen, even when situations in your life seem absolutely impossible.

Have you ever witnessed a miracle?


Image via Micah Sittig/Flickr

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Stama... Stamatina79

So she gave birth to her baby 3 months early?! This doesn't sound like a miracle, it sounds like a HUGE fuck up! Happy for the mom though.

djlm70 djlm70

I started bleeding when I was three months pregnant. My husband took me to the ER where the doctor told us our baby was miscarrying. I was devestated!! I went to my OB/GYN the next day and he told me the baby was fine! The placenta was detached a little on one side and that was what was causing the bleeding. I was so happy yet very angry at the ER doctor for making me think my baby was dying and there was nothing I could do about it!!!! She'll be two years old at the end of this month and she is as healthy as can be! I can't imagine my life without her!! I'm so happy that Alex Jones' baby is alive and well!!

JCHsq... JCHsquared

Stamatina79- If you read the original article it says : "she was 24 weeks into her pregnancy when her waters suddenly broke while watching EastEnders."

So she would have to deliver her baby boy regardless. So I would not call this a 'HUGE f*ck up!' as u say and instead a HUGE miracle!!

dynom... dynomitesmall

You can keep a baby in utero for months after water breaks. They just have to keep you in the hospital on fluids until the baby is born. I know at least two people this has happened to. Not really enough info to know if indeed it was a huge screw up, really. But, I would bet so. This kind of thing happens all the time.

junecat junecat

A friend of mine was told she had miscarried.  They set up a D&C, but before she was pulled in to the operating room, she insisted on another Sonogram - she just knew she was still pregnant.  She was right and was minutes away from basically aborting her baby who is now four years old! 

Jazzi-Ray Carrier

Reading the various comments. This isnt the first time that other readers have corrected the stories posted here. I guess "The Stir" is pun for "Stirring up shit" because seams to me nothing these people post is the full truth.. This is getting agrovating. Congrats to the mom.

JCHsq... JCHsquared

Also it says a few times in the article that his heart was so small it couldn't be detected.

'But it seems he had been tightly tucked up in her womb and was so small they hadn’t been able to gage his heartbeat.

- 'We are not blaming anyone - his heartbeat must have been so weak the doctors were unable to detect it.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2167625/Joy-mother-told-baby-stillborn-boy-starts-breathing-delivered.html#ixzz1zUNxWS2E

sbund... sbundyx33

I'm 37 weeks pregnant!. & I'm always worrying about getting that news. This makes me not want to think like that and believe in miracles. =)

Savannah Numinen

God must have some amazing things instore for this wee one!! Congratulations to the family!! 

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