36 Patriotic Baby Names

baby girl star blanket

While old-fashioned baby names and new-fangled bizarro baby names are all the rage in Hollywood, one doesn't hear of too many patriotic baby names. Not unless Jack Osbourne named his daughter Pearl for Pearl Harbor. But in honor of the nation's birthday, July 4th, here is a patriot-themed baby name list. 


Keep in mind we did a list of patriotic baby names before and I am not repeating names (go over to that list if you want Justice, Liberty, and America). So if some of these names sound a bit quirky -- or downright idiotic -- hey, they're just suggestions.

I separated the names into male and female categories, but the trend now seems to be to switch them up. If you want to name your little girl Crockett, I can't stop you. Though I'd like to. As always, if you decide to give your tyke a name on this list, let me know. And happy Fourth of July!


Macy (Macy's fireworks)

Blue (not Beyonce -- red and white)

Harley (Davidson, a staunchly American company)

Betsy (Ross)

Firework (just an idea)


Florida (first documented landing on U.S. soil)

Tea (Tea Party -- the Boston type)

Boston (Boston Tea Party)

September (11th)


Rosa (Parks)

Amelia (Earhart)

Betty (Grable, favorite World War II poster girl)

Isabella (Queen of Spain, who sent Columbus)

Disney (Walt)

Marina (Marines)


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Hudson (River)


Strype (stars and ... )



Navy (Please ... no Air Force)

Seal (not the singer -- SEAL Team 6, the team that killed Osama)

Neil (Armstrong)


Ellis (Island)

Ford (Henry)


Plymouth (Rock)

Crockett (Davy)

Sam (Uncle)

Vernon (Mount)

Luther (Martin)

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