Store Denies Pregnant Woman Access to Restroom & Pisses Us Off

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public restroomHaving carried and delivered two children, here's what I know: When a pregnant woman needs to pee, she needs to pee. So a recent case in which a store owner refused to let a woman who was seven months pregnant use the restroom flat out pisses me off (pun totally intended).

It happened in New Zealand when Jacki Breuer, an interior designer, was visiting an antiques store. According to, when she asked to use the restroom, she was told, "Ah, no". Ah, no? Jacki told the site, "I pointed out I am heavily pregnant and she again said: 'No, it is company policy'."

What kind of heartless person does that?

A person who wants a big fat dose of bad Karma I'd say. Breuer says she was so uncomfortable that she cried all the way home.

Being pregnant is not much fun when you are busting. I got stuck in the one-way system and roadworks. It was horrible. It was very unpleasant and upsetting.

I get stores not wanting to let random people use their restrooms. I find it rude no matter if a person is pregnant or not, but it's their business, their rules I suppose. But a pregnant woman is different, really different -- she has another growing human being pressing down on her bladder.

While it was an assistant who denied her access, the store's owners have no remorse. They say the policy is in place because they've had problems with theft and cleanliness. Co-owner Jane Finch said, "I am comfortable with the decision you have made." It doesn't say whether she's had children or not, but I'm glad she's comfortable, because a pregnant woman who has to pee is not.

While I don't think pregnant women should get a total carte blanche for the entire nine months, I don't think that offering them an occasional perk or making a small exception for them is too much to ask. Letting them use the restroom when they need to shouldn't even be a question.

Do you think stores should let pregnant women use restrooms even if they have a policy allowing others from doing so?


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Kritika Kritika

I would make an exception for a pregnant woman but as the former manager of a retail clothing store NO it's NOT rude not to let people use an employee only bathroom. Last time I let somone use the bathroom out of the kindness of my heart she vomited all over the bathroom and left. Thank GOD I'm not in retail anymore!

MsRkg MsRkg

No. Pregnant women are not entitled to special treatment.

nonmember avatar Nicky

Another example of pregnant women expecting special treatment. I'm also 7 months and I don't expect that from any store or company. I did however get escorted to a private bathroom at my bank because they didn't have public restrooms. However, I'm their customer and I was there to make deposit. If they didn't let me use a dang bathroom, I didn't have to give them my money.

Laura Desaulniers Lewis

This happened to me all the time when I was pregnant. Nobody lets you use the bathroom and nobody  gives up their seat on the bus. 

victo... victoriaherring

This happened to me when I was at the end of my pregnancy. I'm pretty sure I was turning green cause I had to puke. I could hardly open my mouth to ask to use it. They told me to walk a good distance to another store.

.LoVe... .LoVeMyBuG.

I agree with another comment "No. Pregnant women are not entitled to special treatment." I remember being pregnant, I remember when I needed to pee, I NEEDED to pee! But I didn't expect special treatment because I CHOSE to have a baby. 

nonmember avatar Lilac

I worked at an antique store and we had to close our bathroom to customers because of cleanliness. We has a little old lady ask to use it and the next staff member to go in saw the toilet, floor and seat were covered in diarrhea. The owner has to pay for someone to specially come in and clean it. It was considered Bio/ Hazardous waste. It was not cheap and after that he had to lock it from the public.

Hayley Luna Hollands

I work in retail, and our bathroom is employees-only, for the simple reasons that A) there is sensitive material in our stockroom, not to mention un-security-sensored merchandise, and B) It's company policy. A manager who lets an unauthorized person use the bathroom is subject to termination. Sorry pregnant lady, I would not lose my job over letting you pee.

nonmember avatar noway

I remember one time when I was pregnant I ran into a convenience store and blurted out "WHERE'S THE BATHROOM!?!?" and the clerk had me go to the employee bathroom behind the counter. I think she could see the desperation in my eyes. I could have kissed her! But in general, a pregnant woman should not expect special treatment. One other time, I was waiting in a long line to use the bathroom and people were shocked that I wasn't asking to cut in line. Why should I? We all have bladders!

purpl... purple_creeper

Im pregnant and no if its policy its time check before you really have to go if the place has a PUBLIC rr

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