Store Denies Pregnant Woman Access to Restroom & Pisses Us Off

public restroomHaving carried and delivered two children, here's what I know: When a pregnant woman needs to pee, she needs to pee. So a recent case in which a store owner refused to let a woman who was seven months pregnant use the restroom flat out pisses me off (pun totally intended).

It happened in New Zealand when Jacki Breuer, an interior designer, was visiting an antiques store. According to, when she asked to use the restroom, she was told, "Ah, no". Ah, no? Jacki told the site, "I pointed out I am heavily pregnant and she again said: 'No, it is company policy'."

What kind of heartless person does that?


A person who wants a big fat dose of bad Karma I'd say. Breuer says she was so uncomfortable that she cried all the way home.

Being pregnant is not much fun when you are busting. I got stuck in the one-way system and roadworks. It was horrible. It was very unpleasant and upsetting.

I get stores not wanting to let random people use their restrooms. I find it rude no matter if a person is pregnant or not, but it's their business, their rules I suppose. But a pregnant woman is different, really different -- she has another growing human being pressing down on her bladder.

While it was an assistant who denied her access, the store's owners have no remorse. They say the policy is in place because they've had problems with theft and cleanliness. Co-owner Jane Finch said, "I am comfortable with the decision you have made." It doesn't say whether she's had children or not, but I'm glad she's comfortable, because a pregnant woman who has to pee is not.

While I don't think pregnant women should get a total carte blanche for the entire nine months, I don't think that offering them an occasional perk or making a small exception for them is too much to ask. Letting them use the restroom when they need to shouldn't even be a question.

Do you think stores should let pregnant women use restrooms even if they have a policy allowing others from doing so?


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