8 Stylish Maternity Picks for the Perfect Summer Wardrobe (PHOTOS)

Ann Taylor Loft maternity dressBeing pregnant in the summertime isn't always comfortable, especially when temperatures soar up into triple digits! Dealing with the heat is bad enough when you aren't expecting, but it's much worse when you're sporting a baby bump and carrying around all those extra pounds.

Luckily, there are some very chic maternity clothes on the market right now that are not only stylish -- but will also keep you cool and happy on extra sweltering days. (Where the heck were these styles when I was pregnant?)

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Take this adorable little scoop neck floral dress from Ann Taylor Loft, for example. It works perfectly for any occasion, and its light material will keep your growing belly nice and comfy.

To see other stylish maternity clothes to help you build the perfect summer wardrobe, take a look at the photos below.

What has been your favorite thing to wear so far this summer?


Image via Ann Taylor Loft

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April... AprilJune

I was due yesterday and it's been a hot couple of weeks where I live...I've been rocking every maternity dress I own- they don't have waistbands, etc that get sweaty if you're hot. I have a few from Old Navy (that actually aren't even maternity, but work) and WalMart has had some cute dresses in their maternity section too.


luvbe... luvbeinamommy68

i need to buy more dresses! i have one from old navy that i love! its light and comfty! 

Saman... Samantha111111

prelegant.com has some great clothes too for business wear or even cocktail parties! my favorite

Josh Barron

My wife and I are hoping to get a child on the way. By next summer, we are hoping to use such clothes on her already as well as the ones from http://cutematernityclothesonline.com. We're continually keeping the optimism of her getting pregnant.

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