Birth Stories: My Daughter Was Born in a Garage! (VIDEO)

cafemom birth storiesOmg! I can totally relate to Lauren S., the mom featured in the very first episode of CafeMom Studios' Birth Stories: I Gave Birth in a Garage! My daughter, like Lauren's daughter, was born in a big hurry. Unlike Lauren's daughter, however, she was NOT born next to a gray Honda (and for that, I am grateful). 

Although I must say, Lauren seemed to take her surprisingly speedy childbirth in stride. As for her mother-in-law?


Well, let's just say that 911 call speaks for itself. Poor grandma! She happened to be walking into the garage, arriving to take care of Lauren's son, just as very preggers mom's water broke. And bless her heart, she was not exactly calm, cool, or collected.

My favorite part? When grandma shouts to the 911 operator, "The baby is OUT!"

So sweet and funny, at least in retrospect. You've gotta hear this one for yourself!

Was your baby born someplace unexpected like a garage?

Image via CafeMomStudios/YouTube

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