Home Birth Is Hysterical When You Look at It This Way (VIDEO)

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jim gaffigan on lettermanEven if the name Jim Gaffigan doesn't ring a bell, chances are you know who this funny man is. He's been in lots of movies -- Super Troopers, Away We Go -- and TV shows -- My Boys, Law & Order, That '70s Show. Plus, he does stand-up and has been a talking head on those VH1 shows many times. He was recently on Late Night With David Letterman talking about home births. He's kind of an expert. His wife Jeannie had all four of their children at home. Yep, four times!

I love Gaffigan's deadpan take on it, telling Letterman that his wife wanted to make him as terrified as possible when asked why they chose home birth. He even jokes how it's a topic no one really wants to talk about and how his friends have told him that they had their babies in the hospital because they wanted the baby to live. 

Of course, it's all for laughs. Let's roll the videotape ....

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It's great how he joked how they had a midwife because they believe in witchcraft. And then how there was so much screaming that he actually woke up ... it was like someone scored a touchdown or something. I also love how Dave is sort of uncomfortably laughing along the way. Oh Dave! But the topic of home birth on a widely watched TV show without all the seriousness and stuffy talk ... I think this is a total win for people to see home birth as natural and safe and beautiful and something to smile about. Even laugh about -- coming from a dad who has been there four times.

Gaffigan might be one of my new favorite "natural" parents. His newest comedy routine Mr. Universe, which you can get on Netflix, goes more into his home birthing experiences and also jokes about co-sleeping and breastfeeding. A must-see!

What do you think about Gaffigan's impressive home birthed family and his ability to joke about it?

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Evaly... EvalynCarnate

This guy is a pretty decent commedian, I'll probably check out that special on NF soon :-p 

Lynette Lynette

love it!

Stama... Stamatina79

Homebirths can be awesome! I learned a lot about the pros and cons from the Fearless Childbirth class I went to in Manhattan. Laura Saba owner of Momdoulary taught the class and discussed all the different options in childbirth. She presented in a way that's non judgemental and informative advocating for a birth that is as natural as makes sense for the situation at hand and with an understanding that the situation can change. I was pleasantly suprisrised that the doulas were very down to earth and not the "hippie" vibe I've come to expect from the way the media presents them. Anyone considering a home birth or ANY birth should check out MOMDOULARY's Fearless Childbirth class held in NYC.

nonmember avatar Julie

Hey I took the fearless childbirth class at momdoulary too. Laura Saba's talk woke me up to the importance of relationship between the choices made in childbirth. No one else talks about that stuff. It made my choices really easy. It is good to see more people talking about birth options without all the judgment, something Laura talked about, the need to stop being judgmental or worrying about what other people think. This video, like the momdoulary class , is really refreshing.

Homeb... HomebirthFTW

Cheers to him. Thank you for not making us all look like crazy hippies.

Jessica Jones Kitchens

Absolutely loved my homebirth! So ideal! My midwife was amazing. Could not have wished for a better birth experience. So glad we made the decision to do homebirth after 3 previous hospital births. 

banan... banana-bear

The new special is HILARIOUS...but I'm a little disappointed he used the same material in this interview.

nonmember avatar guest

I had a very complicated pregnancy and didn't get to make a lot of desicion's. I spent half my pregnancy on bedrest and then delivered my son two months early. If you would have asked me at month 3 what my birth plan was it would of taken me a while to explain but by month 6 the plan was to have a healthy baby. Because of this my boyfriend would never be comfortable with a home birth and I think maybe I wouldn't either, but I loved having a mid-wife even though she couldn't do the delivery. I think it is so amazing when woman have a healthy pregnancy and have the freedom to make whatever choices they want (except planned c-section's, that freak me out.) My cousin had a homebirth and was so happy with how she brought her child into the world, and I know other woman who've chosed that path that loved their experience. I guess bottom line I think its great we have hospital's for mom's like me that needed them, but think its pretty great there are woman out there keeping it "old school" and that there are men like this willing to support it and shed light on it.

nonmember avatar Em

Guest, a woman who chooses a c-section can also be healthy and IS using her freedom to choose..

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