Pregnant Women Who Drink 'A Little' Wine Are Asking to Be Judged

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woman drinking wineA new campaign in Australia is aiming to discourage women from taking even a few sips of alcohol during their pregnancy. The initiative cost $350,000 and has support of the state government.

They are recommending that women who are either pregnant or trying to get pregnant refrain from drinking alcohol altogether -- because there is not concrete proof of whether or not small amounts of alcohol have an effect on the unborn baby. They have concluded it's just not worth the risk -- and I have to agree with them on this one.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I can remember going out to dinner with my husband and seeing a heavily pregnant woman at the table next to us sipping a glass of red wine with her meal. And while I'd heard from quite a few people that it was perfectly safe to have a glass here and there while expecting -- something about watching her drink that wine with a baby bump really turned me off. (And I wasn't the only person in the restaurant who was staring at her & judging her up and down.)

From that point forward, I knew there was no way I would dare go near alcohol until after my son arrived. But that doesn't mean I wasn't tempted to break down and have one tiny little drink -- especially on New Year's Eve. We celebrated at my parents' house that year, and I remember wanting to have a taste or two of champagne in the worst way. I almost gave in and took a sip -- but then I thought about the potential negative effect it could have on my baby, and I refrained.

Plenty of pregnant women have enjoyed a glass of wine or two and wound up delivering perfectly healthy babies, but savoring a little vino just doesn't seem worth the risk of having something interfere with your unborn baby's health or development. There's plenty of time for happy hour after the baby arrives -- and that's when moms really need a drink to unwind anyway.

Have you had any alcohol during your pregnancy?


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bills... billsfan1104

If you are in the third trimester and you have a couple of sips, it wont hurt you.

Miche... Michelephant

With all of the processed foods and unhealthy eating and exercise habits most people have, a glass of wine while pregnant should be the least of your worries.  If you don't want to risk it, then fine but don't judge others.  I could judge someone for eating McDonalds while pregnant or for driving (getting in an accident could hurt the baby you know, why take that chance)

nonmember avatar Lilianne

I don't think it would be worth the risk. If you can't refrain from drinking for the 9 months you are pregnant, you might have another issue to address.

jalaz77 jalaz77

I guess for me, 9 months without a drink was tolerable. I did not have a drink with my pregnancies, it never sounded good. I did have a friend have a half glass wine per MW (which is what? 1/4 C of wine) while laboring at home with her 2nd baby so she could sleep since baby was sunny side up and she predicted the pushing phase was going to be her hardest portion. She was right. She slept as much as possible and when it was time, she and hubby went to the hospital at 9cm and pushed for 45 min but she said she had lots of energy.

nonmember avatar LBoz

I agree. I only got a 3 month break in between pregnancies and I did not smoke or drink with either. It is called priorities, if you can't live without your wine than you probably shouldn't have a baby. Their health comes before your wants.

Jscot... Jscott1216

Most doctors will tell you a lil red wine here and there's not unhealthy. If its not for you that's fine but it's also nobodies place to judge anyone who des enjoy it from time to time. It's not your baby, your pregnancy or your business.

nonmember avatar Ironic

I find this funny, since I've had three miscarriages all while being careful. You wanna know where we conceived the 4th, the one that's 29 weeks strong and successful so far? At a vinyard in New Zealand wine country. After a full day of tastings. And I've had a few glasses in the second and third (total of like 4).

Pinst... Pinstripes4

I don't drink at all and it's just a waste a time to judge people for drinking, including pregnant women. MYOB is the best policy, unless they can show a steady rise in fetal alcohol syndrome. Then I might sing a different tune.

Sirena Robinson

There are actually some pretty indepth studies in Europe that show mothers who drink between 1-3 glasses of wine per week in the second and third trimesters can increase the blood flow to the brain, and increases intelligence. I'm not saying all pregnant women should drink, but I'm not saying they shouldn't either. I think it's a very personal decision that each woman makes for themselves, and unless there is an actual problem with alcoholism, there is no other deeper problem with a woman wanting a glass of wine from time to time.


From the sentence "And I wasn't the only person in the restaurant who was staring at her & judging her up and down.)", I tuned out. What a nasty judgemental thing to say. Let the poor woman have one glass of wine IF that's what she wants. Do you breathe in traffic fumes or go out on high pollution days? Do you wear high heels or dye your hair or paint your toenails? Do you eat fast food?There are enough things for us to "blame" ourselves over and god forbid anything be wrong with any of our babies but jeeze, let other people do what they choose to without everyone in the place staring and making someone feel bad.

This post could have been worded better and not sounded so preachy because it would have been a good back and forth discussion had it not sounded so high and mighty.


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