20 Best '50 Shades of Grey' Baby Names

50 shadesIf the sexy Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy is leading to more sex for many people all over the country, then the resulting baby boom is coming. When people conceive their baby in, say, a bed with whips and chains, then they need a baby name that matches it! But what name could possibly match the intensity and the beauty that comes from hot sex?

Well, we have a few. We have come up with a list of 20 baby names bound to be good on your Fifty Shades baby. (Get it? Bound? A little S&M humor!). *Spoiler below


We all know Christian and Anastasia name their kids Phoebe and Theodore, which are lovely names, but we can do better, right ladies? Here they are: 

Girl names:

  • Anastasia: This is the main character's name and it rolls right off the tongue.
  • Anna: Anastasia's nickname with an extra N.
  • Katherine: Ana's best friend. 
  • Taylor: This works for a boy or girl, but is perfect for those inspired by Christian's loyal manservant.
  • Mia: Christian's sister.
  • Steele: Ana's last name is also a sexy first name
  • Greylin: Good mix of Christian's name with a girly twist.
  • Erika: Shhhh. It's EL James' REAL name!
  • Leila: A daring name after Christian's past sub.
  • Baby: As in "laters, baby."

Boy names:

  • Christian: Obviously.
  • Ethan: Katherine's brother is hot and not into S&M, so if you want a good looking and good natured boy, name him this!
  • Elliott: Christian's brother has a great boy name.
  • Rod: It hurts so good.
  • Ben: Short for Ben-wa. Aw, yeah!
  • Hank: It rhymes with spank!
  • Charlie: As in Charlie Tango, baby!
  • Ty: As in tie me up, baby!
  • Red: As in the color of skin after it's been smacked and Red Room of Pain.
  • Neal: As in what Christian makes his subs do.

What are your Fifty Shades names?


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