25 Glamorous Baby Names Inspired by Old Time Hollywood

marilyn monroe hollywood starI’m a big fan of  Hollywood films from the golden era. Most stars back then had their names changed to something that was easy to remember, looked good on a marquee, and sounded like a big STAH! Thus, Archibald Leach became Cary Grant and Norma Jeane Baker became Marilyn Monroe. Some stars, like Elizabeth Taylor, were born with silver screen-ready names. And a few of today's celebs have paid tribute to their favorite old time movie stars by naming their children after them. Mariah Carey chose Monroe, after Marilyn Monroe, and Nicole Richie went with Harlow, after Jean Harlow. Not sure if Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr chose Flynn because of Errol Flynn, but it's a cool name and even comes with its own motto ("In like Flynn").


Forgive the lack of a few major legends on this list, such as Katherine Hepburn, Barbara Stanwyck, Norma Shearer and (my fave) Rita Hayworth. Their first names are too common, and no child should be saddled with their last names.

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Below, the world’s most glamorous old time Hollywood baby name list. Here's lookin’ at you, kid!

Do you have a favorite old time movie star you would name or have named your baby after?


1. Ava (after: Gardner)

2. Bacall (after: Lauren)

3. Bette (after: Davis)

4. Garbo (after: Greta)

5. Ginger (after: Rogers)

6. Harlow (after: Jean)

7. Hedy (after: Lamarr)

8. Ingrid (after: Bergman)

9. Lana (after: Turner)

10. Lombard (after: Carole)

11. Loren (after: Sophia)

12. Monroe (after: Marilyn)

13. Taylor (after: Elizabeth)



1. Astaire (after: Fred)

2. Brando (after: Marlon)

3. Burton (after: Richard)

4. Bogart (after: Humphrey)

5. Flynn (after Errol)

6. Gable (after: Clark)

7. Grant (after: Cary)

8. Mitchum (after: Robert)

9. Montgomery (after: Clift)

10. Olivier (after: Laurence)

11. Sinatra (after: Frank)

12. Taylor (after: Robert)


What's your favorite glamorous baby name?

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