The Best 100 Baby Names on the Map

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baby smilingWe want our kids to grow up and know the world, be worldly, and be explorers -- both literally and figuratively. And some of us want a name that reflects that. Maybe it's a state we love or a country we wish to visit or even a planet that represents that our child can soar to the greatest heights.

Some of these names that are places are also "common" names, but knowing there is a spot on the globe with the same moniker as your child does add some flair to the choice.

Take a look at this list of 100 baby names that are also places. I purposely didn't separate by gender since so many of them are unisex. See which ones you like for your baby boy or girl.

  1. Brooklyn
  2. Bronx
  3. Chelsea
  4. Montgomery
  5. Virginia
  6. Alexandria
  7. Logan
  8. Easton
  9. California
  10. Diego
  11. Cheyenne
  12. Tennessee
  13. Jackson
  14. Lincoln
  15. Mitchell
  16. Aurora
  17. Lafayette
  18. Jennings
  19. Juneau
  20. Mason
  21. Cody
  22. Trenton
  23. Lawrence
  24. Indiana
  25. Boston
  26. Carolina
  27. Charlotte
  28. Nola (short for New Orleans, Louisiana)
  29. Texas
  30. Abilene
  31. Dallas
  32. Austin
  33. Montana
  34. Helena
  35. Dakota
  36. Arizona
  37. Phoenix
  38. Alabama
  39. Georgia
  40. Aspen
  41. Cheyenne
  42. Sedona
  43. Florida
  44. Orlando
  45. Dayton
  46. Jersey
  47. Odessa
  48. Peyton
  49. Bristol
  50. Rio
  51. Vegas
  52. Washington
  53. Madison
  54. Savannah
  55. Kent
  56. America
  57. Israel
  58. Zaire
  59. Africa
  60. Catalina
  61. Argentina
  62. Canada
  63. Chad
  64. Panama
  65. Peru
  66. Cuba
  67. Jamaica
  68. Kingston
  69. Cyprus
  70. Dominica
  71. France
  72. Grenada
  73. Arran
  74. Egypt
  75. Ireland
  76. London
  77. Holland
  78. Asia
  79. India
  80. Kashmir
  81. Florence
  82. Paris
  83. Sydney
  84. Havana
  85. Berlin
  86. Morocco
  87. Vienna
  88. Verona
  89. Mexico
  90. Quintana
  91. Jordan
  92. Cairo
  93. China
  94. Sahara
  95. Kenya
  96. Valencia
  97. Jupiter
  98. Neptune
  99. Venus
  100. Earth

Would you or have you named your baby after a place on a map?


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dirti... dirtiekittie

actually, i had considered it for my first daughter. but, it wasn't one place on the map - it was two. i was looking around at a map and saw Kiev, and then glanced over and saw Vienna. my mind put the two of them together - Kievienna - and i loooooved it. it's unusual, still feminine, not *totally* crazy on the spelling scale (there were variations that could be easier to spell and less attributed to the formal names of the places) but i couldn't convince my husband of the same. lol of course, my daughter still got her "K" middle name, but i still wish i'd been able to use that one somewhere.. maybe i'll get a puppy. lol ;)  

nonmember avatar kaerae

KIEVIENNA!??? Oh, sweet jesus, Toddlers and Tiaras on line one...

Stacey. Stacey.

My daughters name is Sierra.

mrshy... mrshyde05

Cheyenne is on the list twice, so its really only 99 ;)

dirti... dirtiekittie

@kaerae - judge much? i couldn't be ANY less of a pageant mom, and my children are not objects that i project my own insecurities onto. but thanks!

Badge83 Badge83

^^ You beat me to it. :)

Melis... Melissa042807

Not my thing to give my kids geographical names. Knowing too many kids named "Dakota" when I was growing up kind of turned me off to it. 

nonmember avatar Sara

If my next child is a girl, her name will be Indiana. Probably spelled a different way though. My husband and I have an I theme since our first two girls have I first names. That was the only other I name we could agree on.

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