Cops Taser Pregnant Woman 3 Times Over Driving Violation

pregnantWhen I heard about three police offers who wound up using a taser on a pregnant woman in Seattle, my first thought was that the story was some kind of a joke. Cops tasering a pregnant woman? In some sort of attempt to subdue her? For real?! You gotta be kidding me.

Apparently these three officers became enraged when they pulled Malaika Brooks over for a moving violation while driving her 11-year-old son to school, and she refused to sign the ticket they gave her because she didn't want to admit being guilty when she didn't feel she'd done anything wrong. But in the state of Washington, it's a crime to refuse to sign a ticket -- so they proceeded to arrest her. When Malaika then refused to get out of her car because she was in her last trimester of pregnancy, the cops must have felt really threatened -- because that's when they tased her on her leg, arm, and neck.

And that's where this case gets even crazier. Not only was she convicted for not signing the ticket, but after suing the officers because of pain and scars the taser left behind -- the circuit court ruled in their favor! But apparently getting away with using a stun gun on a preggo wasn't enough for these guys, because now they've appealed their case to the Supreme Court in the hopes of getting a final ruling that they were not in the wrong by tasing Brooks. (Whaaattt?)

Who exactly do these guys think they are? First they use a stun gun on a woman who was carrying a child in her womb, and then after being told it was ok, they want additional justification for their actions? 

It sounds to me like this has much more to do with these officers' egos than with whether or not using the taser was right or wrong. Honestly, were they really that afraid of this woman making a run for it and getting away from them? I was lucky if I could make it up the stairs in my house during my last trimester, and there's definitely no way I could've outrun a cop. Don't these men realize that by shedding more light on the incident, they are only making themselves look like a bunch of wusses?

I guess we can only hope that the Supreme Court finds their appeal as laughable as most people will. They had their day in court already, and it's time to let it go. But just to be on the safe side, I'd suggest complying with cops if you are unfortunate enough to be pulled over during your pregnancy. Signing a ticket is definitely a better option than getting tasered.

Do you think these cops had any other choice but to taser Malaika Brooks?


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dirti... dirtiekittie

first of all - i'd love to see evidence (of the medical / scientific type) of what affects tasering could have on a pregnant woman / unborn baby. i have no idea how it would work or if it is considered "safe" or "ok". i'll admit that.

second of all - while i don't want to kick a woman while she's down, she should have just SIGNED THE TICKET. now, i'm not in WA, so i'll give her the benefit of the doubt that maybe rules are different there. but where i'm from (and other places i've lived) signing the ticket didn't mean you were admitting guilt, it meant you were acknowledging receipt of said ticket. had she signed the ticket and protested it in court (the proper way) then the tasers wouldn't have been necessary.

BUT - - - i think three tasers was overboard. i don't think three was necessary. then again, pregnant or not, she was resisting arrest. and that allows a cop to make a judgement call to subdue someone. bottom line, there were a lot of mistakes made, and i just hope the taxpayers don't have to pay for them. :/

nonmember avatar kaerae

Any idiot knows signing a ticket is NOT an admission of guilt, It's only a receipt that you received the ticket. IT SAYS SO RIGHT ON THE SIGNATURE LINE. They may have overreacted, but being preggo isn't a free pass to act like a ghetto fool. You sign the ticket, and if you want to fight it, you show up to court. All acted badly in this case!

Johan... JohannaLsMom

just sign the ticket, end of story.  tasering was a bit much however should the police just let her go because she is pregnant?  that's not fair, pregnancy shouldn't be an excuse to get away with stuff  other people can't.    so what should the officers have dont drug her out of the car by her hair?  I dont know what the correct answer is but if she would have signed the ticket none of this wouldhave happened.

Johan... JohannaLsMom

I am guessing the baby is fine, otherwhise that would have been mentioned in the story.

angev... angevil53

she put herself into that situation. i cannot imagine how much she must have been resisting if they decided to taser her. she could have been more of a danger to herself and unborn child in that state than what the tasing did. when i was pregnant they would "stun" the baby to get them to move around so i'm not thinking there'd be too much damage done if it was on her leg, arm and neck. how would you feel if the headline read "two cops die after pregnant woman runs them over"?

elle7777 elle7777

She was putting her unborn baby at risk. First by refusing to sign the ticket, second by refusing to exit the vehicle. Pregnant women can kill a cop too.

nonmember avatar B

Unbelievable! The uterus and amniotic fluid are excellent conductors of electric current and can cause fetal cardiac arrest and death.

I really hope that baby is okay. I thought tasering was used to subdue a threatening, dangerous person? How do you justify tasering a pregnant woman in her 3rd trimester? Was she that much of a threat to them? Her child could have died.

ashjo85 ashjo85

Lol angevil, they don't "stun" the baby to get it to move. Thta device emits sound only, loud enough to startle the baby awake inside the womb. There's a big difference between noise and an electric jolt.

nonmember avatar jamie

Sorry, I think the police weren't wrong.

SHE put her child in harms way, first by not signing the ticket, then by not getting out of the car.

Her not getting out of the car "because she was in her last trimester" is just a justification of her putting her baby in danger.

I wouldn't refuse to listen to an officer of the law because I'm pregnant. Its not a disease or mental defect.

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