The 7 Worst Reasons to Get Pregnant

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pregnantYesterday, I came across an article talking about how Kelly Osbourne has major baby fever ever since her brand new niece, Pearl, arrived into the world a couple weeks ago. Supposedly being around the newborn has her biological clock ticking, and she's telling people what a great "mum" she is going to be. And while I don't doubt for one second that she will do an incredible job as a mother when the time comes, I sincerely hope that she plans on holding off for a bit and doesn't go out and get pregnant anytime soon.

Because baby fever is a really horrible reason to get pregnant, no matter how bad you've got it. Baby fever is highly contagious and pretty tough to fight and all that, but the funny thing about it is that in most cases, it eventually fades away.

A couple of years ago, I caught a case of baby fever myself and suddenly decided I was ready to have another child, even though I've been on the "one and done" plan from the very start. My husband and I started trying, and I got all excited about the thought of having another little baby in the house and even went so far as to download a baby naming app on my iPhone. (So lame.)

Two months or so went by with no positive pregnancy test, and then all of a sudden, I realized my life was perfect just the way it was, and I had no desire to throw a newborn into the mix. Back on the pill I went, and I've never looked back since.

And there are plenty of other really bad reasons to get pregnant other than baby fever too:

1. To Keep a Man -- I'm always blown away by women who go and get themselves pregnant in the hopes that they will either nail down a husband or keep a man from running. If they want to go -- they'll go. A baby isn't going to change their minds.

2. For Attention -- Yeah, yeah, it's easy to get a little bit jealous around your pregnant family members and friends because of all the extra attention they get. But that's no reason to get knocked up yourself. Remember, being doted on goes straight out the window the minute the baby arrives.

3. Because You Think You Have To -- As the mom of an only child, I have people insisting that I need to have another baby and give my son a sibling ALL the time. But I'm not about to go out and get pregnant simply to make other people happy. No, thanks.

4. Getting Older -- I've known a handful of women in my life who decide to have a baby just because they think they're running out of time. News flash: The kid tends to hang around for a good 18 years or so. If you think you're pressed for time now, you have no idea.

5. For a Boy or Girl -- Getting pregnant in the hopes that you will finally have that baby boy or girl you always dreamed of is the dumbest idea there is. Odds are good that you'll wind up conceiving a child of the opposite sex than you want anyway, so it's really just not worth it.

6. Because Your Kids Are Growing Up -- Yet another huge news flash: kids grow up and get older, because that's just part of the deal. If you get pregnant simply because you miss having little kids around, remember that they'll eventually grow up too, and then you'll be back at square one.

7. To Miss Work -- I was dumbfounded to find out that women in Britain are getting pregnant simply for the benefit of having a long maternity leave, and I wouldn't be surprised if some women in the U.S. get pregnant simply to take a break from work or become a stay-at-home mom. Just because you don't go into "work" every day doesn't mean you don't work. I'm just sayin'.

What other reasons for getting pregnant do you think are really bad?


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nonmember avatar Michelle

I, myself, am also a member of the "one and done" tribe and I wish you would write a post about THAT. I feel like I am a HUGE minority (and yes, I realize that I probably am) but it feels good knowing there are other happily married couples who chose to have JUST ONE CHILD, and are perfectly happy with their decision. I am constantly pressured to give my 3-year old a sibling. I appreciate this post for #3 alone, although the others are VERY true :)

the4m... the4mutts

Baby fever is the PERFECT reason to have a child!! My 3 youngest were all baby fever babies. <3

As long as you aren't deviating from your master life plan, or having children you honestly can't afford, then its a great reason, and made me feel even happier when I got the fever, tried, and SCORE! 2 BLUE LINES! It was wonderful.

The rest of the reasons you listed, yah, totaly agree. Bad reasons to have a kid.

dirti... dirtiekittie

i was in the "one and done" camp until i had baby fever when my oldest was about 3 1/2... almost 4. we found out we were pregnant with #2 just a week before her 4th birthday. i'm so happy and love my little princesses now, but i know that it wasn't *just* baby fever that made me want another. i have baby fever now (my best friend just had her baby boy, my new godson :D) but it feels totally different this time. i want to hold him and love him, but i don't want to *keep* him (for lack of a better way to explain). so don't discount 'baby fever' too much! ;)

(the other reasons? totally invalid for getting knocked up, btw... but do what you do, boo boo!)

xoxka... xoxkatiemarie

My maid of honor went through what I call "wedding fever" while she was "helping" me plan my wedding. She decided that she was going to plan out- and stress out- about every detail of her wedding while we were just months away from mine. The kicker was: She wasn't even engaged! Another close friend has had baby fever since the moment I told her my husband and I are expecting our first.. I really don't think she is in a place to be having a baby now in the first place, but now all she talks about is how she isn't pregnant yet. DRIVES ME CRAZY!

MsRkg MsRkg

Michelle trust me when I say you're not alone lol. I am myself a very proud member of the one and done tribe as well. My husband and I are perfectly happy with out son and neither one of us feel the need to make our family any bigger. Before I had my son, yeah I used to get cases of baby fever, but afterwards never again, despite how many tiny newborns I was around. I think I can attribute that to the fact that even though I had a ridiculously easy pregnancy, I just did not like being pregnant at all and have no desire to repeat the experience again.

aneela aneela

i have to agree with the list...i have one kid and im done...power to those who have more...and can AFFORD to have more...having a baby isnt  a fad or accessory

Stacey. Stacey.

I actually think number 6 is a great reason, I am 30 years younger than my sister. I also know a great family who had 2 more kids when theirs got to high school.

Sarah Grace

My brother was a baby-fever baby. If my mother had not had such bad baby fever, I'd be an only child. She almost died when I was born. She's a sensible woman, if she had all her faculties about her, she would not have thought the risk was worth it. But I have a brother. I'm convinced he's special and has a purpose, because he should not be here.

Connie Young

The number 8 reason is to qualify for public assistance.

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