Moms, Not Dads, Should Have the Final Say on Baby Names

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babyWhen it comes to giving your baby the perfect name, you really just can't afford to screw up. I mean, your poor kid is going to be stuck with whatever moniker you pick out for the rest of his life, so you'd better do your research and think long and hard before putting anything down on that birth certificate. (No pressure.)

Of course, when it comes down to making the decision, moms have way more say than dads do on choosing the final name. Or at least we should. Yeah, yeah, yeah -- I know things are supposed to be all happy and equal and you're supposed to compromise when it comes to making parenting decisions. But baby names? Yeah, the moms definitely win that war hands down.

My husband and I had a pretty hard time picking out our son's name. I offered up quite a few suggestions that he immediately shot down, so when we finally did come to a consensus and found a name we both liked, we stuck with it -- and luckily it suits our 6-year-old perfectly. And while we had his first name picked out by the time I was about 4 months pregnant, we did go back and forth a bit with what his middle name would be.

You see, in my husband's family, most of the males are given one of two middle names. I won't lie -- I wasn't particularly fond of either of those names, plus neither one really seemed to fit with the first name we had chosen. Oh yeah, and then there was the part of me that knew there was no chance in hell that our son would have any other middle name than the one I'd already settled on in my head -- my dad's first name. Lucky for me, I really didn't have to fight my hubby too hard on this one, but I totally would've duked it out with him if he'd resisted me in the slightest.

After all, I was the one who had to endure 9 months of pregnancy (which included unbearable heartburn, a 50 pound weight gain, and hemorrhoids), so it only seemed fitting for me to get my way when it came to naming our son. Moms carry the babies, so moms should have the final say on what the babies are going to be called -- period. Oh, and another thing, in most cases, the baby automatically takes the father's last name, so it's not like they have any room to complain. They get a piece of the pie regardless of what that child is called. And actually, if you look at it that way, and the mom gives the baby his first name and the dad gives him the last name, everything works out to be 50/50 anyway, right?

Did you come up with your baby's name, or did you let his father make the final decision?


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nonmember avatar Mrs. Clark

Wow. Selfish much? My husband had just as much say in the naming process of our children as I did. After all, without him, our children would not be here. Our first son, we named after him. It was important to him and I like hi name, so thats what we went with. The second, and soon to be third, we chose their names together. That's what u do in a marriage, make decisions together. Yes, I carried the babies for 9 months, but guess what? He supports them for the next 18 years. So no, I don't think mom's should get mre say in the name unles the dad is some no good deadbeat.

nonmember avatar Brittany

Just because I'm carrying our son doesn't mean that my husband is any less a parent too. It's not physically possible for him to be involved in this part, and there's so much that he has to miss out on for those first 9 months of our son's life. I may have to endure morning sickness, weight gain, hormone explosions, and everything else, but I get a lot of good stuff too that my husband will never get. Like feeling the baby kick in my tummy. Or just feeling him wiggle around and knowing that he's happy. I have this little person inside me and I feel like I know him because he's part of me right now, and my husband will never get to experience that. For that alone, I feel that any decision that's made about our son, needs to be a joint decision. I wanted to use my father's name very badly in naming our son, but my husband didn't like that idea. So, we found a name we both love instead.

nonmember avatar Lor

My husband, being the head of our home, named our children. I did have the power of veto, but he made the final call. Our children so fit their names.

Amber Peerboom Mosher

We came up with our son's name *together* and that's how it should be.

nonmember avatar Elizabeth

Some people are going to be snarky with their responses here but I definitely agree with you. Although the husband should like the name, if there are a few choices that you both like, I think you should get final say.

My husband said since I changed my last name that I'll have full naming rights of our first born daughter. True story.

Prett... PrettyGirlMyers

Wow, this article is pretty ignorant. I can't imagine telling the father of my children that since I carried them for nine months I got to name them, and any man who would stand for that is pathetic.

nonmember avatar blh

I picked out my sons first name and his middle name is his dads first name. But I've had a girls first and middle name picked out since I was 16 and if I ever have a daughter I'm using that name and thats the way its going to be dammit. When you squeeze something out of your junk, then you get to pick the name.

nonmember avatar blh

Lol @Brittany no man would WANT to be pregnant I very much doubt there upset about missing any of that. And in my own opinion being pregnants terrible feeling him kick doesn't change that.

LoveM... LoveMyViolet

My husband wanted a church ceeremony for our wedding, I didn't. So we made a deal that he could have his church wedding if I got naming rights of our children. Of course I took into account what he liked and didn't like, but I had ultimate say.

the4m... the4mutts

My SO and I picked our son's name together. His dad's first name, my middle name, dad's last name.

Well, after he was born, I looked at him, and said, he now has a 2nd middle name.

His name is Brandon Renee Alexander *insert last name*

My SO didn't even flinch. He said after having a 9.5lb thing come from my vagina, I could change the kid's name to little bunny foo-foo and he wouldn't care.

Now THAT'S a real man!

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