18 Rudest Pregnancy Comments We've Ever Heard

frownLeave it to family members, strangers, and friends to pretty much ruin a woman's pregnancy with their insensitive comments. Seriously, what are some people thinking when they make these remarks and ask these questions of expectant moms? We have no idea but we've rounded up some doozies from the CafeMom community, anonymously of course, to marvel at the cluelessness all around ...

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tonip... toniperoni

don't you know that "insert something clearly healthy" is bad for the baby

I know a girl who  just had *insert complication/death* for doing that (usually something very innocent

so do you think he'll marry you now? was my fave -esp since i'm in a 8 year long partnership and we don't believe in marriage.


tonip... toniperoni

oooh ooh I forgot - this was in front of my in laws at a business dinner - a new acquaintance said quite pointedly, I hope you know that by being vegetarian you really are comitting child abuse! 

nonmember avatar B

"You're getting pudgy!" Said to me by my boss when I was about 10 weeks pregnant.

"Are you sure there's only one baby in there?" "You look miserable!!" Thank you, just what I needed to hear! "You look like you're going to pop!"... All said numerous times by numerous people toward the end. Or, "Too bad you're pregnant or you could go with us!" Um no, it's not too bad I'm pregnant asshole.

nonmember avatar Tiff

Is it a girl? in tow with my 4 boys. I said no. They said, oh well, maybe the 6th one will be.

LoveM... LoveMyFamily28

I hated the "Are you sure it's his" comment my husbands mom gave me when we told her we were expecting. I wanted to slap her. But she said "Well you know, you gotta ask". OK we weren't together that long before we got pregnant but we have been friends since HS and we both wanted another child.

 I later heard that she thought I did it to trap him because she believed he couldn't have anymore kids because of a surgery he had in the army that they said was a "possibility" of him not being able to conceive. AND the fact that he was with his ex for four years and they had been trying with out being able to.

 We lost that baby but we got pregnant two months later and our beautiful baby boy is 8weeks. When we found out again I said "Yes it's his" as I looked her in the eyes. Needless to say she hasn't said anything out of the box since.

  I have to say if my boss said "You're going to keep it" I would have said "You're lucky you're my boss". I have no filter either for stupid comments and with every stupid comment, I have a stupid rebuttal. Especially with the "Aren't you a bit young to have a baby".. umm no I'm 28, collage grad & married! MYOB!!

LoveM... LoveMyFamily28

Oh and I hated "what are you having?" when we said we were waiting to find out when it was born one person said "who does that?"  I said "We do." Then they ask "do you WANT a boy or girl" umm I WANT  a healthy baby.. we just started telling people it was a raptor and they left us alone..lol

Mrs.P... Mrs.Pool2Be

These were all rude comments IMO.  

zumba... zumbafreak11

The ones I found the rudest were 3, 9 and 17.  When I was pregnant, I was told by my ex-husband's know-it-all niece who was pregnant for her second that since we hadn't set up a savings account for our daughter's college education, we shouldn't be having a baby and also a creditor told me that if my ex-husband couldn't afford his Chevy Blazer which had been re-poed and resold, we shouldn't be having a baby.  Most of these comments I would have just brushed off as stupidity.

nonmember avatar a

I HATE the word "pregnant". Only in English do we think it's okay to use the same descriptive word as for animals. There is another English word for with-child and it is "enceinte". Perfectly acceptable and used to be used. By going away from this word, we debase ourselves as women.

CPN322 CPN322

I guess the first commentor has super thick skin because I found ALL of those to be extremely insensitve and rude and I've never been pregnant!!! I'm not looking forward to hearing things like this :/ But I'm also not shy and I have a feeling I'll be even more outspoken when with child.

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