18 Rudest Pregnancy Comments We've Ever Heard

How Soon They Forget

How Soon They Forget

"Now that I'm not having morning sickness all the time, and I'm finally starting to eat, my mom & grandma are CONSTANTLY saying, "You're eating AGAIN?" or "How can you STILL be hungry?" Well I'm pregnant! Duh. And I haven't gained not one pound since being pregnant, so I think I can eat whatever I want!"

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Stacey. Stacey.

The only one I found really horrible was the one about "It's still early" regarding a 6 week pregnant mama w/ twins. All the others? Stop being sensitive.

paren... parentalrights1

Um.. most of those WERE incredibly rude Stacey.

jaysg... jaysgirl1

I get comments all the time. I had an unexplained full term stillbirth last September and now I'm pregnant again. People have no filter. They had none after my loss and still have none.

nonmember avatar Knm

You forgot "was it planned?" which my mother-in-law asked when my husband and I told his parents the news...I ignored the question.

NatAndCo NatAndCo

When my grandma found out I was having twins she was talking to my father about it and said "Isnt nature a bitch?" I'm still not sure how to take that one.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Most of them weren't abnormally rude, just kind of obnoxious. Every single woman gets the questions like "haven't you had that baby yet?” while pregnant. Asking if someone is going to breastfeed isn't the height of rudeness, it's just kind of nosey.

mompam mompam

I don't have the patience to click through, but my boss said to me when I told her: "you're not going to keep it, are you?"

alask... alaskansglmom

My mom said to me when I told her I was pregnant with my daughter.."I wish it was Angela". Angela is my sister. Then a year later when my daughter was 3 months old I was pregnant again and my mom said once more "I wish it was Angela". Makes someone feel real great.

starr... starreyedcutie

Are you having twins?...when you're not lol

starr... starreyedcutie

Or "are you sure you're only x amount of months?"

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