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dynom... dynomitesmall

I think it's rude to comment on anything going on inside of a person's body, whether it's growing a baby or a tumor. it's very personal. When I was pregnant with my first and i went to open a door for a lady carrying a bunch of boxes- my hand on the door. She snatched it from me, chuckled and said, "No, I've got it. You've got a bigger load than I do." Then at the bank a teller laughed at me and said to teh teller next to her, " Looks like she ate TWO basketballs." If it's not meant to make a person feel good, you should keep your mouth shut.

Stacey. Stacey.

CPN322 on May 9, 2012 at 10:01 AM
I guess the first commentor has super thick skin because I found ALL of those to be extremely insensitve and rude and I've never been pregnant!!! I'm not looking forward to hearing things like this :/ But I'm also not shy and I have a feeling I'll be even more outspoken when with child.

No, I dont have super thick skin. I just dont understand why anyone would let someone elses comments ruin their day. The only opinions I care about are my own. God's, and my significant other's. Everyone else can kick rocks. And if someone wants to make a rude comment, I just laugh it off. I have so many other IMPORTANT things to worry about and live for, than what someone else says. Besides, for the most part people are just making conversation or trying to be funny. It must suck to care so much about what everyone says about you, considering every person in the world has their own opinion.

image... imagenscape

the worst ones I heard were " do you think its the right time for another baby"

and my mother in law telling me I was a bad mom for telling my three year old I had a baby in my stomach. Also her saying all the stuff she still did when she was pregnant because ive been really sick and Ihavent been doing a lot of anything

Bonnie Bruns Williams

I have a young face- even now at 31 I still look like I'm in my early 20's.  When I was pregnant with my first child I was 20 and I still looked like a teenager.  Dirty looks all the time.  It wasn't until I was 22 and pregnant with my second baby, toddler in tow, that I got the evil eye from most people! Especially when I was with my husband, who is only 3 years older than me but at the time he looked like a 25 year old man who knocked up at 16 year old.  That was interesting! Even now, when I am with my 11 year old son, I'm sure people assume I had him while in high school.... People can be very rude. 


When I was pregnant with my 4th (and last) baby, I was asked ALL the time if we were done, if I knew how "that" happens, told that I would be very busy soon (duh!)...


Courtney Puzzo

enceinte isn't english it's french get your language right

nonmember avatar Holly

I am 26 weeks pregnant with my first, and have been told I have placenta previa (low lying placenta which sometime's completely covers the cervix). This has stopped me from doing all the exercise you could normally do while pregnant (as I WAS doing pre-natal pilates). I've found this frustrating and extremely worried of the outcome. So my most rudest comment (which I can see how it was meant to be in my favor) was when certain family members randomly said
"We're worried you wont be fit enough for labour"
I walk everywhere and still do mild exercise, so to be told this... I just wanted to burst out in tears.

bchic24 bchic24

My hubby's little brother's father called our house when I was on bedrest and severely sick to tell me I can't use pregnancy as an excuse to be a bitch and ignore everyone.....it's bedrest you moron.....I can't exactly gather my stuff and make the 2 hour trip by bus to your place every day to watch you be stoned out of your mind....

Suzanne Wolf

I was about 7 mos. when I ran into an acquaintance at the grocery store. I hadn't seen her for several months and she asked, "When did this happen?" I said, on Dec. 10 about 10 o'clock p.m.!! She never spoke to me again!!

mistysun mistysun

I had gotten some of the normal crass, insensitive comments throughout both pregnancies but the one that had me restraining my husband was this event. We were in the baby department.  My husband is a disabled veteran and uses a wheelchair to get around. Our 4 yr old son was in his lap and I was 7 months pregnant with our daughter. So we're shopping for baby clothes and teasing our little guy when out of nowhere this woman walks up and starts a conversation with my husband.  I bring another outfit over to ask what he thinks and thats when this harpy comes out with the comment "You do realize that isn't YOUR baby, right? Everyone knows cripples can't have children. You shouldn't even allow that boy in your lap, he isn't yours after all!!" I swear the only thing that saved that woman's life is my son was too young to understand what was going on and my husband wasn't going to hurt his son to chase her!

Lynette Lynette

stupid SIL keep making comments about how big I was and how it could be twins.  I wasn't even big for that stage.  And aside from that it was my 4th child.  Her overweight body looked more pregnant than I was. 

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