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nonmember avatar Larry

Some of them may be stupid but rude, I really don't see it. What is rude about a mother if she is going to breast fead. It may be none of your business but rude. I don't think so.

nonmember avatar DJ in Boulder

I was brought to tears when pregnant with my second child.. While shopping at a Safeway in Loveland ,Colorado with my husband and our son Matthew and a little girl who I was babysitting.. A woman walked up to me and called me a whore and was waving her finger in my face while telling me to keep my legs closed . My Husband and the Meat Manager came to my rescue and management removed the woman from the store I was twenty years old and stunned by her reaction...It's a moment I have never forgotten !

theak... theakaneko

I just got the comment (from the nurse at my OB's office - I'm 7 weeks with this one) "Let's try and keep it to 25 lbs this time".

I gain like 50 lbs with my kids working out and Not going hogwild on the oreos and ice cream like you apparently think I do. But Sure, "we" can try and keep the weight gain down this time.

nonmember avatar Erin

I think I have a good one. We found out we were having twins and I've had a lot of sickness and fatigue. Also, because of possible complications, I might have to have a C-section. I was sitting with my mother in law and sister in law and my m-i-l starting comparing me to my s-i-l and actually told me I don't carry babies well. Either because I have alot of morning sickness or because I can't have them vaginally. Either way, I'm not speaking to her. I have a 4-yr old as well and had morning sickness with her too but normal vaginal birth.

Barba... BarbaraEBj

You should have heard my inlaws when they discovered I was pregnant with my third daughter!  The harrassment started immediately telling me throughout the entire rest of the pregnancy that I had to get my tubes tied!  When I said it was up to my husband & I how many children we had, the MIL said, no it's not because "we support you."  How she figured that she supported us was beyond me at that time.  My husband had a job.

nonmember avatar Meg

For starters Im a little over weight and it doesnt make it any easier when I'm confronted about it on a monthly basis by my doctor. I'm 21 weeks havent gained any weight actually lost 20lbs. The things people have the nerve to say drives me insane. What gives people the right to judge other people for who they are?

nonmember avatar anna

when i was preg with my 1st my midwife asked if a student nurse could come in and observe, i said ok. the nurse kept staring at my face the whole time and just before leaving she said "excuse me for staring, but you are just a girl" i just smiled and said "i'm not that young, i'm actually 24"

nonmember avatar Amanda

When my dad first found out he said "we don't have room for another person in this house!" He then apologized and said he was just in shock. I told him I had full intentions on moving out long before the baby was due. My grandmother asked me "so what do you plan on doing about it?!" I didn't acknowledge her with an answer.

nonmember avatar BDfan

This isn't a comment about what awful things people said about me being pregnant. I dont know if I can have kids(trying for over 5years) I HATE it when people ask me "Do you have kids?" And when I say no they go. " Why not"? Or "Are you trying?" No moron I'm not trying you want to help my husband and I.

Jennifer Cain

Im a young married mom working on baby number 3 (currently 14weeks)I quit my job a few weeks ago...about a month before I quit one of my regular customers when I told her we were expecting #3 asked "are you a baby factory?!" turned around and walked off...... no that was not the reason I quit but Im glad Im no longer working there (talk about wanting to slap somebody..) my first 2 are 14 months apart and this one is due 15 months after kiddo #2's birthday...

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