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irish... irishmama1007

We just announced #3 to our family and my SIL's parents were there. Just as they were leaving SIL's dad comes up to me and informs me that he always prays for pregnant women because anything can happen. Really!? Like I don't know and haven't experienced the heartbreak of "anything happening"  With my 2nd I got comments all the time about how I would never make anywhere close to my due date because my belly was HUGE. Well he was born 2 days before my due date thank you very much.

Mary Anderson

I've never been pregnant, and don't like kids, and I would consider these rude. For those of you who think you can't have a conversation with a pregnant woman without mentioning her body, you're pretty shallow. Haven't you ever heard of current events? What amazes me is that some of these conversations took place multiple times with the same person. Clearly telling someone that they will never mention "whatever subject" in my presence again works.

Autumn Grey Midhir

I had friends once who were expecting. When She answered the door, I realized right away that she had put on a LOT of weight. I was young and inexperienced - but not stupid. I acted normal and waited until they told me they were pregnant. In this way, a terrible insult was avoided. I still do this - if I'm not sure, I just wait. If it's relevant, they'll tell me.

Alyssa MacVeigh

Ugh. A few months ago at the local grocery store a man in line behind me told his partner, "I can't believe how many high schoolers have kids these days. It's disgusting and bad for children to be raised by single teenager mothers." I'm married, I was an adult when my son was born let alone at the time, and am college educated. I was so shocked by it!

nonmember avatar DWarner

I had a miscarriage with my first pregnancy and MY Dad's reaction? "well, its for the best,at least it happened early, so you won't miss it".... really... now I understand why you and mom are divorced.

johni... johnie_carney

i hated at the end of my pregnancy people asking "when are you having the next one?"...let me get through one pregnancy at a time please.....

nonmember avatar Sonya

It's even worse when they ask how far along you are, or haven't you had the baby yet, and you aren't even pregnant!!!!!!

Eleanor Rohl

You mean you are pregnant again? How old is your last one?  Had one 3mos old at that tme.  this by family members, not close ones!!

nonmember avatar BriannasMommy

i had my daughter a few weeks ago. Towards the end of my pregnancy I was rather large and round. I was doing some last minute baby shopping with my mom when a woman walked up to me and asked when i was due. i told her in a week. she then asked if i was having twins, i chuckled cuz i was pretty big and said no, just a big baby. She then decided i must be lying cuz she asked if i was sure, maybe it was twins. i told her no that i had several ultrasounds, which promted her to say maybe they had missed the second baby that they can hide sometimes. I was soo mad by the time i got away from her that i told my mom that the only thing stopping me from hitting her was the fact that she was holding her newborn daughter while she talked to me. ppl amaze me sometimes

Rochelle Davis Delain

I was an older mom. Was pregnant with my first and only child at 44. Got asked at lot if I had done it (Gotten knocked up) on purpose. Also because I was so big, I was often asked if I was sure that there was only one.

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