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katie... katiekiwi

When i found out my first child was to be a girl people actually said "Oh!  (sad face)  maybe next time."  and "Is your husband upset?"

Alicia Duffy

Number 12 happened to me. i was only 3 days late but for the last month every single day I went in my boss would say let me know if you need to go to the hospital I dont want to have to deliver the baby in the resturant...i would reassure her that I would make it in time to have her...only to find out that I went from 2 cm to pushing in 3 hours....in the hospital of course...

Elvy Golden-Brown

Pregnant with our sixth, at the supermarket with my partner and our four older children (baby 2 died at birth), random lady asks me, "Are they all your kids?", not rude, just nosey so I answer "Yep". She goes on to ask "Do they all have the same father?"

Ok, wtf?  Who asks those kind of things? 

Malissa Mickiewicz

i had someone tell me that my husband had weak sperm! i was having my first baby which was his fourth girl. just so everyone knows 'girl' sperm lasts up to 5 days in a womans body the 'boy' variety last like one day, they die very fast. so to that chick who told me that...he actually has strong sperm as if its any of your business. hoodrat.

EvilP... EvilPixie62379

I couldn't stand that when i was pregnant. I would go grocery shopping with my husband and people would give us(mainly him) dirty looks. I admit it i don't look my age and people consantly though i was about 15 or 16 and he was around 30. Well i am actually older than my husband. I was 24 when i got pregnant and 25 when i delivered. I heard a woman in line behind me one day at the store telling her teenage daugfhter and i quote "Look at that little gilr. She can't be more than 16 if she's even that old. That man is a pedophile plain and simple cuz he got that child pregnant." I turned and flipped out on that woman and the whole store heard me. One of the things i said was "Shut your mouth u bleeping cow. I am a grown woman and I am older than him. So don't talk about what u don't know!" I was furious!

nonmember avatar Kathryn

Most of these comments are just people trying to make conversation. You force yourself to show interest and latch on the first thing that pops into your mind. The alternative would be to ignore the fact that they're pregnant, in which case these girls would bitch about THAT.

Katarina Novak

If a random comment can pretty much ruin your pregnancy, then you have bigger problems than the comments.

Elizabeth Berens

I remember being pregnant with my daughter and my in laws asking my husband are you sure it's your kid and was this planned I turned right around and said to his mom (the one asking him the questions) as a matter of fact no this was not planned we got drunk the night she was concieved and as for it being your son's child sorry to disapoint you but I'm better than that.  She had an issue that I was Jewish and he was German (we have since divorced lol)

nonmember avatar Kim

I'm sorry, but raising children is VASTLY different then raising dogs. I've raised both(3 kids and 3 dogs). Not even a close call. lol

Pamala Vela

I know what YOU'VE been doing - shouted at me from accross the supermarket.

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