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Todd Vrancic

My wife was working and some random customer asked her if she was lactating yet!  I wanted to find the dude and make him eat his teeth!  (I'm not protective of my wife at all.)

nonmember avatar P. West

From the baby's father's current girlfriend: "You know that women with your condition have a 50% increase of stillbirth right up until the moment the baby's born, right?" As if I wasn't worried enough about something happening with my high risk pregnancy...

nonmember avatar Jenny

My MIL kept saying, "Are you sure you're not having twins?" cuz she thought I was so huge. And a coworker told me, when I was 38 weeks, very large, and very uncomfortable, "You really only look pregnant in your face." It made me feel awful and really fat.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

I'm was/am a plus sized preggo and I didnt really show much until about my 6th month (which is where I am now), but an EX-friend kept reminding me "Its ok, WE know you're pregnant.."...as if I cared what the rest of the world was wondering about my body?

nonmember avatar MP

When I was in my last trimester, someone I knew asked me how I felt. When I cheerfully replied, "Great! The baby and I are both healthy," he responded with, "Well, you LOOK miserable!"

nonmember avatar P. West

My personal "favorite" was when a co-worker said: "Aw, how cute - you're waddling!" Then there was the co-worker who called me "Lopsided Momma" because my son could only get into half of the area he was supposed to have...

Melis... Melissa042807

We got asked the "Are you hoping for a boy or a girl?" question a lot with both pregnancies. I finally started saying "Well, actually, we were hoping for a puppy, but since that's not the case we'll just be happy with a healthy baby!" :-) With my second pregnancy we got straight-up asked "Are you hoping for a girl?" A LOT. I found that kind of rude. 

nonmember avatar rachael

Wow it's crazy because I just told my family I was expecting and not one of them was happy for me. Their reactions ranged from horror to disappointment. Nevermind that I'm 27, just graduated with my Master's degree in education, and in a committed relationship with a wonderful guy. My family can kick rocks

TheBa... TheBabyFactory4

Some people said I was huge which was confusing cuz most said they didn't even know I was pregnant for most of my pregnancy

irish... irishmama1007

I have 2 boys and when we found out we were having boy #2 it wasn't "congratulations" it was "Are you going to try again for that girl?" Even now that my youngest is 2 I am still be asked if  I want #3 for "that girl"

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