The Most Beautiful Pregnancy-to-Birth Video You'll Ever See (VIDEO)

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I almost couldn't bring myself to share yet another pregnancy progression video with you guys, because I know, I know—you've seen them all. Not only have they become nearly ubiquitous in the last couple years, they kind of make me feel bad. I watch them and think, Why didn't *I* create some sort of artful, clever video that perfectly captured my pregnancies? I just took a bunch of poorly-lit photos of my belly while standing around in an increasingly stretched-beyond-capacity pair of pink underwear!

(Sadly, this is totally true.)

However, if there's such a thing as the One Pregnancy-to-Birth Video to Rule Them All, this just might be it. It's gorgeous, unique, and instead of making me feel jealous I didn't do something similar, I just feel grateful that a mom decided to share these intimate glimpses into her life with the rest of us.

I promise, you don't want to miss this video.

Made up of 1,280 still photos and set to the Yeah Yeah Yeah's lovely acoustic song "Hysteric," the video follows first-time mom Erin Lea from the moment she sees her home pregnancy test results to the day of her daughter Eliza's birth.

Here's a look at the video—and if you're anything like me, you might want to grab a tissue beforehand:

What really gets me about this is how Erin and her husband captured so many tiny, everyday moments from that time in their lives. Strung together like this, the effect just grips my heart, especially when we see Erin's face during her ultrasounds. There's also this amazing theme of growth and renewal and hope that runs through the whole thing—from the ever-lengthening scarf Erin knits to the closed-eye wish she makes before blowing out her birthday candle to the tree mural in the nursery that grows before our very eyes.

And, of course, by the time we see little Eliza ... well. PASS THOSE TISSUES.

What an amazing, joyous way to capture a fleeting yet momentous stage in any mother's life. As Erin wrote when she posted the video, "(It's) one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. I'll treasure this forever."

What do you think of this video? Did it make you think of any special memories from your own pregnancy?

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hotrd... hotrdumommy

It made me think of when I was pregnant with my oldest. We went to the ultrasound to find out the sex (I'm nosey. I couldn't wait) and instead of just blurting it out, the tech typed it onto the screen. The minute I saw the "G" I started crying because I could think of was our baby girl.

nonmember avatar Eric's Mommy

God, when I was pregnant over 10 years ago we didn't even have a digital camera. I have maybe 5 pictures of me pregnant and I regret it.

slw123 slw123

Very beautiful!!

dusky... dusky_rose

That was absolutely beautiful!

ceciliam ceciliam

Aaaawwww, beautiful!

Aeris... AerisKate

Beautiful!! That made me realize how much I hope we can have at least one more. 

mamivon2 mamivon2

very beautiful

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