Jessica Simpson Gets 211 Pound Baby Gift From Jenny McCarthy

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jenny mccarthyWell, it's official. Jessica Simpson has joined the mommy club after giving birth to her daughter, Maxwell Drew, yesterday morning! I know what you're thinking -- it's about time, right? Jess's "little" bundle of joy weighed in at a healthy 9 pounds, 13 ounces, and both mom and baby are doing well.

And while she's still recovering in her posh birthing suite at Cedars-Senai Medical Center (where all the celeb types give birth), plenty of people are sending her their congrats and well wishes. But the 211-pound baby "gift" she received from fellow celeb mom Jenny McCarthy tops the list as the best baby present EVER. I seriously want to reach through the computer and hug Jenny for what she did for Jessica yesterday.

McCarthy shared this picture of herself with Simpson on Twitter, along with a message that said:

"Dear @JessicaSimpson, I think pregnant women look perfect just the way they are!"

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Can I get an "Amen" or at least a "Hell Yeah?!" Because Jenny McCarthy totally rocks. That photo was taken while she was heavily pregnant with her son, Evan -- when she weighed in at a whopping 211 pounds!! Not many women would be willing to put such a vulnerable picture of themselves out there, but Jenny totally knew just how much Jess needed to see that she isn't the only famous mom who gained more than a measly 10 pounds (or some other ridiculously low number) while pregnant.

Throughout Jessica's pregnancy, I completely sympathized with her whenever someone gave her grief her for putting on a lot of weight. So many people automatically assumed that she was gorging herself with cheeseburgers, pizza, and cookies -- and it's very likely that wasn't the case at all. I put on 50 pounds while I was pregnant, and everyone accused me of pigging out like it was my job. But I actually ate a pretty healthy diet the entire 9 months. It turns out I'm just a natural "gainer," which is probably what went on with Jessica too.

But no matter how much or how little weight you gain during pregnancy, EVERY new mom worries about how she is going to take off the pounds after the baby is born, and so many of us put incredible pressure on ourselves to slim down as quickly as possible. And honestly, most of us wind up getting so preoccupied with our excess weight that we forget to focus on adjusting to motherhood & life with a newborn instead of beating ourselves up over the number on the scale.

By sharing her pregnancy photo with Jessica, Jenny gave her peace of mind that she will eventually lose the weight, and that she shouldn't be worried about what other people think of her right now. She should just relax and enjoy her time with baby Maxwell, because all the other "stuff" can wait. Jessica truly needs more positive encouragement like this instead of people tearing her apart for gaining a little more than the average celeb mom. (Bravo, Jenny -- bravo!)

Have you put a time limit on yourself for losing all of your baby weight?


Image via Twitter

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momto... momtolittleg

Wait, she didn't send a 211 lb. brochure on the evils of vaccines?? I'm sure it's in the mail.
Sorry, I had to go there. =)

tinyp... tinypossum

^^^ momtolittleg beat me to it. While it's nice that JM is honest about pregnancy weight gain, her ignorant stance on vaccines and her use of her celebrity bully pulpit are a tremendous detriment to the health of children and to the health of the general public. She is a meance to society. 

Courtney Puzzo

not all celebs give birth at Cedars Sinai you jackasses UCLA Santa Monica St Luke's Mount Siani and Lennox Hill if in NYC and Cedars siani has only been merged for 51 years it was once cedars of Lebbanon and Mount Siani two separate  hospitials some of the first celeb kids that were born there after the hospitals merged were Casey & Timolin Cole September 26th 1961 and Melissa Newman September 27th 1961 while her older sister Elinore "Nell" was born at Mount Siani In NYC on 8th April 1959. not all vaccines are needed. no parent wants to watch their child go through any sort of pain

Real Chic

you must see Kirstey Alley tweet to Jessica also. It was wonderful & Kirstey has always been very vocal & supportive of  Jessica.. I love these women for this.

nonmember avatar Denise Salinas

I was proud and impressed of Jenny McCarthy for sharing that pic. I am a five foot very petite Latina who weighed in at about a buck o five until I gained 85lbs with my first pregnancy then lost the weight only to blow up 40lbs during a miscarriage then lost that and a few years later gained a whopping 102lbs while pregnant with my son. It was a mix of malabsorption issues where my body held on to everything I ate and enough amniotic fluid to harbor Octomom's entire brood at one time. Needless to say Jessica Simpson looked like a bikini model compared to me and the comments ranged from accidentally rude to absurd to potential lines for a script called Mean Girls Get Knocked Up....and those were just the ones in my own head! Kudos Jenny M!

CPN322 CPN322

To the first 2 commentors, it is your OPINION that her OPINION on vaccines is wrong. There is still not solid proof either way so just as you call her ignorant for her thoughts, someone could say the same to you.

nonmember avatar KA

Why do we Mommies have to hate on other mommies?? So what she gained a bunch of weight. It's her body, we all know she's gone back & forth from being thin to thick - SO WHAT!!!! She was happy, she was happy she was pregnant. Let it go & support her & every other Mommy or Mommy-to-be out there. If we don't support each other who will?!

Rushn311 Rushn311

never put a time limit on it because I only gained no more than 30 pounds and it usually came off immediately...I am a heavy girl tho so I shouldn't say anything about losing weight LOL

Melis... Melissa042807

Pregnancy weight gain looks different on everyone. I'm 39 weeks pregnant and have gained a "healthy" amount of weight by my doctor's definition, but I'm also 5'10" tall so I don't look like it. I look like I just stuffed a basketball under my shirt. On the other end of the spectrum, I have a friend who is currently 38 weeks pregnant and has probably gained less weight than me, but she's like 5'2" tall so there's less body for the weight to spread across and bless her heart it's showing! I think we forget women in Hollywood are not the statuesque figures we see in photographs - most of them are actually quite petite! So when they gain a little during pregnancy, it shows a lot. Unless, of course, you're Victoria Beckham. Who is simply a freak of nature. :-) 

I didn't put a deadline on myself to lose weight after my first baby. I tackled that when I felt like it. With this baby, though, I'm in a wedding as MOH in September so yeah, I'll be working a little harder a little sooner to get in shape, but I'm not going to put so much pressure on myself as to be perfect by then. I'll just do my healthy eating and exercise thing and whatever happens, happens.

mommy... mommy2annaliese

I lost all mine the week after giving birth.

breast feeding ruled ~*

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