30 Best Baby Names From Cemetery Gravestones


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There's certainly a trend in Hollywood toward giving girls a traditional boy name. Jessica Simpson named her daughter Maxwell Drew. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis named their daughter Wyatt. Then Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively named their daughter James. If you like the idea of giving your baby girl a boy's name -- or just like old-fashioned boy names -- there's a pretty untraditional place you can get some great ideas. Your local cemetery.

Hey, don't knock it. If you like old-fashioned baby names, you can't get much more vintage than those culled from a bunch of centuries-old headstones. Plus, the names are kind of spooky, too. Take a look at these 30 names we found at the graveyard.

These are all traditional male names, but might they might just work for your little bundle of femaleness too. I mean, if you're into that kind of thing.

1. Augustus

2. Demas

3. Washington

4. DeRobigne

5. Teunis

6. Orison

7. Horace

8. Churchill

9. Alford

10. Simeon

11. Lot

12. DeWitt

13. Asher

14. Abram

15. Fletcher

16. Anson

17. Mellen

18. Elias

19. Gamaliel

20. Brockholst

21. Caleb

22. Chauncey

23. Ormsby

24. Napoleon

25. Ole

26. Silas

27. Fitz

28. Cleveland

29. Othnial

30. Casper

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