Couple Shocked After Baby Is Born a Different Race

pregnantPlenty of couples who can't conceive naturally seek the help of IVF in order to fulfill their dreams of having children, but one gay couple in London had anything but a smooth experience after a huge mix-up at the largest sperm bank in Britain.

They purposely went back to the same facility when they were ready for their second child, because they wanted to use the same sperm donor they had used with their first baby so their kids would be biological siblings. However, they were ultimately given sperm from the wrong donor, which resulted in their second child being born a different race from the rest of the family. And perhaps the worst part of this story is that they didn't realize the mistake until after the baby was born.


OMG. Can you even begin to imagine the feelings of sheer shock and confusion this poor couple had after their newborn arrived? They must have thought they were in the middle of a bad dream they'd eventually wake up from.

I can remember being so attached to my son while I was pregnant with him. For nine months, I dreamed of what he would look like, and whether he would more closely resemble me or my husband. And while you can never totally predict how your child's appearance, you do have basic physical characteristics to go on. And I'm sure this couple expected their second child to look a lot like their first -- until the baby was born.

While I'm sure they love their new baby very much, they still have to feel like they were cheated out of the child they'd dreamed of. And unfortunately, it's not like the mix-up is one that is easy to ignore. Every time they look at the differences between their two kids, they'll be reminded of the baby they lost -- the one that they believed to be expecting all along, but never really had in the first place. Something tells me this isn't one of those scenarios you can just magically "get over."

But hopefully they'll eventually find peace and realize that even though things don't always work out the way we expect, they happen the way they're supposed to. And their baby was obviously meant to be, regardless of race.

Do you have children who are of different races, or do you know anyone who does?


Image via Daquella manera/Flickr

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