Woman Expecting 9 Babies Makes Kate Gosselin Look Ordinary

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babiesBetter watch out, Kate Gosselin! Sounds like it might be time to hand over the "I had a whole mess of babies at once" crown: A woman in Mexico named Karla Vanessa Perez is reportedly pregnant with nine -- count 'em, nine! -- babies. Nine babies!!! Is there even a word for that??

Hey, there is: Nonuplets. (Thanks, Google!)

So Karla Vanessa Perez, who had fertility treatments, is expecting nonuplets on May 20. Whew! Good thing she sounds like the grounded type; when asked about possible names, she replied:

"It's very early to think of names for the babies. First I hope that everything goes well."

I hope so too, of course. And if the delivery is a success, it will go down as one of the the "highest multiple births ever recorded."

(Hear that, Kate? I bet TLC is already knocking on this lady's door!)

I can't even begin to imagine how Perez is feeling physically right now -- I'm still scarred by Gosselin's gruesome account of the final phases of her pregnancy with the septuplets. (Which is why I don't fault the TV mom for her "glamorous" new look, incidentally. The physical torture that woman endured!! So what if she wants a spray tan? She earned it!)

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Perez is carrying six girls and three boys, which would be a pretty cool ratio (those brothers would have an awful lot on their plates, though, when it came to fending off boys and the like).

Personally, I think Kate Gosselin should take a proactive stance here and befriend Perez. Be a sort of mentor figure. There's enough room for both women in the spotlight! Imagine: Kate and Karla Plus 17. Throw a few more in and they'd even have the Duggars beat!

Have you ever heard of a woman giving birth to nine babies?


Image via Stephanie Hawver/Flickr

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Rachel Schiller

I'm more shocked that she has managed to stay pregnant for so long. It seems like ladies with more than twins seem to give birth around the 30 week mark.

zandh... zandhmom2

No. I'm glad she's from Mexico though so we won't have to hear about it nonstop.

Jadem... Jademom07

I'm glad that she will finally have a baby after fighting with infertility but this just makes me sick.  The human body was not designed for this many multiples and publicizing it only makes more women try to 'break the record' without a thought about all the health issues these babies can have when born.

Kritika Kritika

The doctor that did this should have his license revoked. Humans were not made to have litters.

aiden... aidenmomplus4

storkI wish this mother the best of luck and that her babies make it thru just fine. I'm a mother of quads and I know how this type of pregnancy can take a toll on the body and the family. And just to make a small comment on a prior post, I only had two implanted and those two split into another two making it's four so even when you just implant one or two you can end up with a lot more babies than you ever plan on. So we cant just assume that the doctor was neglectful or the mother was thinking to break a record. 

nonmember avatar Maggie

Kate didn't have septuplets (7) She had sextuplets (6). Maybe you should be asking Octomom (8) to hand over her crown, since she's way ahead of Kate by two.

Maevelyn Maevelyn

I don't know how woman can carry so many kids @aidenmomplus4 WOW! That's really cool since prior to fertility treatment only 1 in 3 sets of twins were identical! I think we can assume they implanted more than 2 or even 4. IMO you shouldn't implant more than a person can carry (in  your case quadruplets while rare are still in the realm of possible w/o medical intervention. What's sad is some woman implant 3-5 embryos planning to abort all but 1 if they take. (yeah yeah her choice and all but don't try to conceive 5 unless you are willing to birth 5! It's not an accident! I realize its expensive and it increase the chance of having any implant but still - it just doesn't sit right.) 

nonmember avatar Anna

Claims of woman pregnant with 9 babies debunked
By msnbc.com staff
Reports that a Mexican woman is pregnant with nine babies are not true, according to El Diario de Coahuila, the local newspaper in the town were the woman lives.
Mexican television stations aired interviews with Karla Vanessa Perez of the northeastern state of Coahuila, which borders Texas, where she claimed fertility treatments led to this multiple pregnancy and also that she already had triplets.
The story was widely reported by various media outlets, including msnbc.com.
But when reporters from the Mexican newspaper investigated, they learned she’s actually not pregnant at all. Her mother, Francisca Castañeda, told El Diario de Coahuila that Perez has three children, ages 15, 12 and 4 and after the last was born, had an operation to prevent her from getting pregnant again.
David Vila, a reporter with Telemundo, also contacted the office of Mexico’s Secretary of Health, which confirmed she wasn't pregnant. The office had initially reached out to her to offer to help.
José Salvador Gallegos Mata, a member of the Mexican Society of Gynecology and Urology told the newspaper that someone who would make such false claims “needs to urgently say ‘I’m here. Please look at me, I exist.'” He added, “That woman needs urgent psychological treatment.”


Mamao... Mamaof3expectin

She faked being pregnant..Thats just sick.. i agree she needs psychological help..

Tal0n Tal0n

Kate had SEXtuplets...that's six, not SEPtuplets...which is seven.  Crimminey, get your facts straight!!

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