20 Hardcore Old-Fashioned Baby Names

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So Jack Osbourne and his fiancee, Lisa Stelly, have gone and done the unthinkable for Hollywood: Given their new baby girl a normal name. The name, Pearl, is old-fashioned, tried and true, and eternally pretty.  I have a couple of Aunt Pearls in my family.

In fact, someone in my family (related only by marriage) went and researched our tree back to the 1600s. He unwittingly came up with one heck of a hardcore antique baby name list. When I first saw it, I thought Holy Moses! And, yes, there’s more than one Moses in our family. And, of course, we have our share of cutesy, old-timey but still-popular today names like Jacob and Hannah.

But we also have some major badass, so-antique-you-never-hear-em-anymore names. Names that, if you’re into the trendy, vintage baby name thing, I would DARE you to give one of these your lil ‘un. Be warned: These names could lead to your kid growing up to be a mariner or charwoman.


The world's hardest core antique baby name list:

  1. Isaiah
  2. Ezra
  3. Statina
  4. Hatevil (Yes! Hate… evil. Good to know.)
  5. Mehitable
  6. Ephraim
  7. Lurena
  8. Freeman
  9. Blanchard (Guy's name!)
  10. Zedock
  11. Elbert
  12. Lyda
  13. Jasper (I like this one!)
  14. Huldah
  15. Eldad
  16. Loisia
  17. Minnie (Aww...)
  18. Phebe (Not Phoebe)
  19. Franlin (Not Franklin)
  20. Jeremiah

If any of these old-timey monikers appeal to you and you name your baby one of them, just thank me!

What do you think of these old-time names? Would you give any of them to your baby?


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Casey Dalbey

wait-did Jeremiah ever go out of fashion to be called old fashion??? I went to highschool with at least a dozen in a school with only 400 kids.

Alway... AlwaysExpecting

I was actually going to name this baby Isaiah if she had turned out to be another boy, makes me a little sad I will never get to use that name most likely...until I realize I already have three sons and finally got my daughter!

FourD... FourDaughtersMI

I know kids named Isaiah, Ezra, and Jeremiah. I even know a Chaim. :) 


prplecat prplecat

Lyda actually sounds modern!

momto... momtolittleg

I know too many Jeremiahs and Isaiahs for them to be that old-fashioned.

How about Cora?  That was on our short list.  Micah, too!

lalab... lalaboosh

I knew an Ephriam in middle school. I'm thinnkin Estelle if we have another girl, after my great granny and me. (My middle name is Star for her.) It's not on the list, but it's old fashoined.

Momma... MommaGreenhalge

I know kids with the names Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezra (no, not the same family). I was tossing between Isaiah and Jeremiah if DD had been a boy instead.

chicl... chiclet731

Er, JACK not Jake Osbourne.

nonmember avatar Missforth

My mothers family has some old and some rather odd names. I have an aunt Ida, Aunt Margeret, Great Aunt Verla(calledVerlie),Great Aunt Reesie,Uncle Oliver and Uncle Lenville.


I like Ezra and jasper. There was an Ezra in my son's class at his old daycare. I told my ex if I had another boy his name would be Jasper James.

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