Gift Guide, Pregnancy: All-Natural Mama-to-Be

Yesterday I gave gift suggestions for the Zen-Seeking Mama; today it's gifts for the All-Natural Mama-to-Be -- the mom who likes to keep it simple and organic.

Product: Kangaroo Korner Padded Sling in Boutique 100% Organic Cotton

Cost: $65

Where to Buy: Kangaroo Korner

Extras: Order now! You pick the fabric you want (natural, un-dyed cotton or a patterned batik), and the type of ring you prefer (nylon or aluminum). Then they coordinate ring color with fabric preference. But orders take two weeks. Alternatively, you can choose from their Ready to Ship slings.

Why I Love It: I think these slings are comfy, well-made, and long-lasting. The All-Natural Mama will appreciate having soft organic cotton next to baby's skin.


Product: Prenatal Yoga with Shiva Rea DVD

Cost: $19

Where to Buy: Yoga

Extras: Mom-to-Be will need to make time to strike a pose.

Why I Love It: The All-Natural Mama may already be practicing yoga -- this will help her keep it up at home, and on her own time-frame, without having to attend weekly classes. The DVD is suitable for any level of practitioner and includes modifications for each of the three trimesters.

milk bath erbaviva

Mommy-to-Be Milk Bath from erbaviva

Product: Mommy-to-Be Milk Bath

Cost: $28

Where to Buy: erbaviva

Extras: Helps relieve itchy, expanding-tummy dryness! It's scented with calming lavender, lemon, and sandalwood.

Why I Love It: This USDA Certified Organic Milk Bath helps soothe a mommy's dry skin -- and gives her the perfect excuse to relax in a (not-too-hot) bath for a few minutes of quiet time.

Come back tomorrow to get gift ideas for the Stylish-Mama-to-Be!

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