Gift Guide, Pregnancy: Mama Any Minute

Let the shopping begin! Every day this week I'll share my picks for great gifts for every type of pregnant mama on your list -- the Second-Time Mama-to-Be, the Zen-Seeking Mama, the All-Natural Mama, and the Stylish Mama. Up first, Mama-Any Minute -- you know, the mama-to-be who's just about ready to pop. So get ideas, or drop big hints as appropriate!

Product: Baby Briefcase

Cost: $30

Where to Buy:, organizedfromthestart

Extras: Mom provides the goods to go inside -- and this will not be a challenge.

Why I Love It: From the moment your little one arrives, the paper piles begin -- birth certificate, social security card, pediatrician records, etc. This will give a new mama one place to shove it all without having to think twice. I still use the one I had for my first kid -- super-convenient.


Product: Pregnancy Pampering Collection from Belli

Cost: $39

Where to Buy: belliskincare

Extras: Have the daddy-to-be offer a relaxing massage to accompany this one.

Why I Love It: In the last few weeks before you deliver, comfort is hard to come by -- this all-in-one preggo pampering pack, with luxe moisturizer, body wash, and more, will help an almost-a-mama feel like she's indulged in a mini-spa treatment without leaving home.

Product: Hot Spot Labor Sock by Earth Mama Angel Baby

Cost: $13

Where to Buy: BellyGifts

Extras: Moisten it, then pop it in the microwave for deep heat that can offer comfort in labor. It can be tied on to keep it in place, too.

Why I Love It: You never know what's going to be a help during labor and delivery -- this small muscle relaxer will give the mama another option for coping with contractions.

Come back tomorrow for gift ideas for the Second-Time Mama-to-Be -- and check out the other Daily Buzz sections (Baby, Toddler, Big Kid, and more) for other amazing gift ideas!

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