7 Things I Can't Wait to Do After Giving Birth

Jsushi tattoo wineessica Simpson, who may or may not have already had her baby, recently said that one of the things she's most looking forward to after giving birth was getting back into high heels. Yeah? That's what you're looking forward to, Jess? As a fellow super pregnant lady, I can whole-heartedly say: Not I. High heels are about the furthest thing from my mind right now. I mean, they're cool and it'll be nice to wear them again, but at this very moment, practically nine months in, all I can think about are these seven things.

(Besides, you know, having a baby.)

Sleeping on my g.d. stomach. After holding my baby girl for the first time, the most gorgeous, exciting thing for me is going to be rolling on to my stomach for the first time. I literally fantasize about it and actually considered cutting a hole in my mattress about a month ago. Oh, to not lay on my stupid side! I've only got about a week left now, though, so I guess I'll suck it up.

Sushi. I've never been, like, obsessed with sushi before, but ever since I got pregnant -- ever since it was forbidden from me -- it's all I've wanted. I've had a few veggie rolls here and there, but it's just not the same.

Deli meat. Okay, I've always been obsessed with turkey sandwiches. Before getting pregnant, I literally brought one to work every day. I've spent more money going out to lunch during this pregnancy than I care to know. (Salads are so annoying to make!)

Wine, champagne, anything. Obvious? Yes. But couldn't be more true. What can I say, I'm a cliche.

Not having to pee constantly. I know, I've heard it: Your bladder's just not the same after giving birth. But you know what? I don't care. There's no way I'm going to have to use the bathroom this often after my daughter is born. I literally get up, then have to sit back down. How is that possible? (TMI?)

The stressing and the waiting will be over. Of course I'm excited to meet the little being that's been growing inside of me for nine months, but I also am nervous. I can't remember the last time I didn't have a slight sense of nerve-wracking anxiety in the back of my mind. And they always say, the waiting is the worst part, right?

Being a little more reckless with my body. As of now, I have no plans to run out and get tatted up, but it'll be nice to ... just think about things less, you know? If I want to take a hot shower -- a piping hot shower -- I can. If I want to dye my hair platinum blonde, whatever. And if I accidentally use something with salicylic acid, oh well!

I know it's not going to be all stomach-sleeping, wine-filled nights after my baby's born, but in some ways (I said some!), things will be just a little bit easier. And that'll be nice.

What are you looking forward to/did you look forward to after giving birth?

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Christina Hughes

Oh it was so nice sleeping on my stomach. I actually did it while I was sleeping, without thinking about it, and I woke up thinking I had to turn onto my side but then I realized I didn't have to! And I was glad. Being pregnant all summer makes you miss alcohol =|   don't judge, no matter how little alcohol you drink (unless you don't drink any), the summertime is perfect for a nice cold beer or whatever. Especially on a patio. So a week or two after our LO was born, my parents babysat while we went out for dinner to Milestone's (I don't think you guys have that in the States?) and I ordered my absolute favorite drink, a raspberry mojito. 

(I was pt bf but yes I pumped and dumped).. I know someone was bound to assume something lol

Desir... Desireesmom2011

Omg I was so happy after i gave birth and I was finaly able to sleep on my stomach again. I slept on my stomach up until i was 5 months pregnant. (thats when I found out I was pregnant) and even 4 months was killing me. I couldnt imagine going through a full pregnancy not sleeping on my stomach.

momma... mommabythesea

good luck with sleeping on your stomach - I haven't been able to sleep on my stomach for almost 4 years now. Can't when you're pregnant, was too uncomfortable while breastfeeding....then became pregnant with #2, and repeat above!

wireh... wirehangers

Before I was pregnant with my first baby I was a total party girl.When I was pregnant I looked forward to having a drink and a cigarette after she was born.When she was born I quickly realized there's not even time to get away for that drink and cigarette.Who has time for that and who wants to smoke and then go pick up their baby anyways.I never smoked again but my kids are older now and I love and look forward to drink filled girls night out.They don't happen often anymore but when they do I get to be "party girl" again.

nonmember avatar Kate

COFFEE! Decaff isn't cutting it for me anymore. I can't wait to have real caffeinated coffee that really does wake me up in the morning instead of drinking decaff. Every morning, through every sip i have to try and convince myself that its the same.. It's really not.

nonmember avatar Katie

I miss eating half the batch of cookie dough when I made chocolate chip cookies. I crave cookie dough now like it's nobody's business. I can't wait to spoon in the sugary, chocolaty deliciousness!

LKRachel LKRachel

Can't wait to have a glass of wine! And ask your ob about the turkey- I religiously avoided deli meat during my last pregnancy Bc it said so in 'what to expect' but I mentioned it to my ob this time and he said only uncooked or imported stuff (certain salumi) or deli meats under a specific recall were off limits! And you can always heat your sandwich in the microwave if you're really worried about it?

calim... calimom73

Sushi and wine were what I wanted/missed.  Second night after giving birth we had a big old sushi meal. 

nonmember avatar Mrs. Clark

I have 5 weeks left! I'm looking forward to two things: a strawberry daquirie, and sex without the belly. The daquirie because its so delicious, and the sex, well cuz being this big only certain positions are comfortable and I'm ready to get back to my repitoire. Lol.

nonmember avatar blh

Yeah I dyed my hair, ate deli meat and took hot showers...

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